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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Few Days . . .

The last few days have been fun.    They've been "play days" -- First with friend Shirley Ann and a trip to Joplin.    For some errands.    For some fun.    For a good lunch.     

The errands were gotten out of the way first and then we headed for a favorite antique mall.    We've not been in a while and so it was fun to peruse the booths.

And treasures came home with me . . .

I've been looking for a big Quaker Lace tablecloth for a long time!

A Quaker Lace tablecloth for the dining room table (I've got one for the breakfast room table).     The last time I was at the this Mall, I had looked at the cloth but I thought it was a bit too pricey and so I passed it by.

This time, however, everything in the booth was half price.    Home it came with me.    It's in good shape with no holes and shall be on the dining room table the next time we have company.    

I love lace cloths and there is none finer than Quaker Lace.

Everyone knows I love blue and white and this week found out that I also collect the Asian influenced bird and mum pattern.    My other love, however, is white or cream china with a gold rim.

And there in a booth was 12 plates

I love gold rimmed cream or white china.

A creamy rim and white inside with a nice gold rim.    Twelve lovely little dessert plates.

Marked Limoges - C. Ahrenfeldt.     For Loring and Andrews, Cincinnati.    I looked up C. Ahrenfeldt and found that this mark was used between 1894 and the 1930's.     I couldn't find anything about Loring and Andrews, however.    But I'm sure if they had C. Ahrenfeldt's company make them some wonderful china dessert plates that they were a high level store.

Yesterday, friend Sally and I went to Joplin.   First to Sandstone where we oohed and ached, had a great lunch and friend Sally found two great concrete urns for the garden.    On the way back we stopped at an Antique Store (read store not antique mall) in the little town South of us.    

Dapper's Antiques is a gem of a store and we were gobsmacked by the quality of the merchandise!

Reluctantly we left without anything . . . and then this morning when I ran over on an errand, Sally mentioned that she should have bought an embroidered table doily.    

We agreed that since we weren't doing anything today that we'd go back south right after lunch.

Sally made some purchases (besides the table doily that was the reason for the trip) and I came home
with these lovely linens

A linen and lace tablecloth which were used as "napkins" at Dappers.
A matching runner.

Five "napkin/placemats".     I'm not sure of their age.

When I helped Sally bring her loot inside, she showed me her 100 year old Christmas cactus.    It was a true old fashioned Christmas cactus -- you could tell by the bracts.    I asked for a start . . . 

A true old fashioned Christmas cactus.

And she gave me this -- a whole little plant.    Which I shall treasure!    Hers was blooming and it has a very pretty bloom.    I'm hoping that I'll be able to get this little guy to bloom this year.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen, for  this morning, in the Relish magazine which comes in our morning paper was this recipe
This will definitely go into my recipe book.

For Lemon Apricot Tea Bread.

Fresh out of the oven.

With everything in the pantry, I baked a loaf.    I substituted, of course, my "boozy" apricots.   (The story and recipe can be found HERE.)

Cooled and ready to wrap for next week's teas.

Which shall be my afternoon tea treat this week.

It's cooler today and a stew sounded like a good dinner.     With a package of veal in the freezer, I made our favorite veal stew -- blanquette de veau with spring vegetables.
Nothing better on a chilly winter night than  a LeCreuset pot filled with stew.

Even though it isn't spring.     Nice pieces of veal and a wine and chicken flavored broth  filled with onions, celery, small spring carrots, asparagus, spring onions and spinach.   I make it often and have posted about it before, along with the recipe.  

Spooned into the Spode soup bowls and sprinkled with parsley.

We always have candlelight for dinner in the fall, winter and spring.    Husband Jim is in the kitchen pouring us each a glass of wine -- a pinot noir.
Served in the breakfast room with candles lit in the barley twist candlesticks.

And as is our custom . . . after I clean up the kitchen after dinner, I put the kettle on . . .

And bring a tray of coffee to the living room.     A great way to end the day while we watch our favorite shows and I needlepoint or catch up on the computer.

It's a great way to end the day and a great end to a fun week!


Rose H (UK) said...

What fabulous lace finds Martha, such gorgeous things, I couldn't choose a favourite!
Love the look of that Lemon Apricot Tea bread :o) It's making my mouth water...
and my goodness the 100 year old plant certainly looks good, what a beautiful gift from a treasured friend :o)

On Crooked Creek said...

What lovely finds for you this week, dear friend! Don't you just adore going to Antique Malls and Antique Stores for inspiration??? And when one finds a treasure it make s the day twice as nice! Sounds as if you've found some lovelies for your next luncheon, as well. Thank you for stopping by with your sweet comment and visit. Have a blessed Sunday!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Sounds like a grand day and week. Your tablecloth and dishes are beautiful. I love it when I see something I like and then notice the booth has a discount!

Anonymous said...

I did a look around the internet and found

Newstedt-Loring Andrews Jewelry Store Jewelry Store
(513) 321-1500
2647 Erie Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45208

also found some silver to be sold with the Loring Andrews mark...

just love the way you use your goodies..mine just sit in drawers.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Having too much fun, you are! I love reading about it and seeing your treasures. I found this

so your Loring Andrews was Cincinnati's oldest store from 1805. A special find, and such lovely plates.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Beautiful finds! I love those napkins.