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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reprise - My Garden Pots

This post was originally posted in August 25, 2009.    With a bleak January garden where the only color are the birds at the feeders, it's fun to look back at a growing garden.

We love our garden pots for they give color to the garden all summer long and for little money if you get smaller plants.    

It's Sunday and I'm joining Chari at Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites.

I love garden pots. Especially stone or concrete or iron ones. They are great in the garden. I've got them scattered here and there throughout the garden -- filled with mostly summer annuals.

A great concrete planter with the geraniums in it -- it looks aged but isn't. A splurge at my favorite garden store, Red Cedar Gardens.

Actually four square planters that I bought early on for Linderhof's front -- to hold the summer geraniums or begonias. I have since replaced them and by turning one upside down and one right side up, they make the perfect addition to each side of our new brick stairs. The left one is planted with ivy -- to be brought inside in the winter. The one to the right holds some purple summer annuals.
A planter that's a statue as well -- it's been moved here and there in the garden but has landed under the trees for a few years now. It holds ferns and caldiums -- shade loving plants.
A begonia in one of my favorite concrete pots -- bought at a "steal" at Red Cedar -- the last one and marked way down.
My two big French pots, the concrete pot from Red Cedar that was a "steal" and another Red Cedar purchase -- the lion's head pot.
A group of planters that I see from my kitchen window -- mixed plantings from a dew drop tree to lavender in one of the pots to a couple of nice boxwoods (that need trimming).

The planters at my front entrance -- iron with a bit of rusty "patina" -- filled this summer with red geraniums.

My newest pot -- filled but not planted (which is why a bit of a wilt) with coleus. It's concrete, with a chip or two and a lovely mossy patina. An Estate Sale find for a "steal" -- $40. I saw it the first day of the sale but . . . when I went back the third day and everything was half off -- I snapped it up. It's a nice addition to the Garden Pots at Linderhof. Next spring I'll plant it with purpose rather than just plopping something in.


william said...

Martha, it is lovely to feast one's eyes on these pretty summer scenes. I love how naturalistic your garden is. Everything just looks as if it has been there forever. I would like to strive for more of the patina-look too. Or is that a contradiction?


On Crooked Creek said...

Your garden pots are just lovely, dear! This year many of our outdoor plants are still green! Just when I think the sage in the Herb Garden is done in...we have a 50's plus temperature day and it springs back to life. Will be interesting when Spring finally arrives to see what has survived!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Martha,
Wishing you a very sweet and happy New Year!
Me too I love planters, I think they add so much to the garden and you can move them around. Winter has hit our yard pretty hard we have to cut a few things back so they will regrow in spring.
Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth