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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's Something In the Air . . .

I love aromas in a home -- besides the wonderful scent of luncheon or dinner food wafting from the kitchen, a house should smell good!

I'm picky about my scents and I believe that it is never wise to be chintzy with your scents for cheaper scents never have the same power or aroma that something that costs a bit more has.     

We do use scentless candles for our dinner table, but we love to have scented candles or our Lampe Berger burning when we have company.     And I always keep a candle in the breakfast room and that is the first thing that I do in the morning is light the candle and then turn on the stereo.    Before I go to the kitchen to put the kettle on!

My three all time favorite scents for Linderhof:

1. Lampe Berger

It's a fragrance oil lamp from France.    The lamps can be reasonable or extremely expensive.   My first one came from an Estate Sale and cost $3.   My second cost a bit more but it is nice to have one up and one down.     The "oil" (it isn't but it's called that) is pricey but it can really scent the air when you burn it for just a short time.   

My favorites of the Lampe Berger scents:    Winterwood, Lavender, and Pain d'espices.

2.   Trapp Candles

A Kansas City product.   One of the most fragrant of all candles.    They're pricey but not all that much pricier than any of the other premium brands.    The amount of "oil" in the candles are amazing and one burning downstairs can be smelled upstairs!

My favorites of the Trapp Candles:    lavender, orange vanilla and No. 2

3.   Potpourri

I've been hesitant to buy potpourri for I've been gifted with some that were shavings of colored wood that didn't smell all that strong or natural either.     So I've always had an aversion to it.     Except some that I made myself.

And then . . . I read on a favorite blog -- Reggie Darling about a company called Agraria and their potpourri, Bitter Orange (or Park Avenue Potpourri as it is nicknamed).     They've been doing this since the 70's and it was pricey.    But I ordered some.     And it is amazing.      I put it in an Asian bowl on the coffee table and it fragranced the whole room!

And it's a big bowl and although it is pricey and the box seems small, it does almost fill the entire bowl.   It's made of all natural ingredients -- no wood shavings here but rather bits and pieces of dried flowers with cinnamon sticks, a dried orange and dried flower for interest.

I bought a box last year for winter fragrance and I bought another this year.    Along with the fruitcake and the wrapping paper, the potpourri shall be another annual early December order.

I've been told by Lindaraxa that it can be sometimes found at T J Maxx (which also may mean HomeGoods and Marshalls) if you're patient so I shall check every time I go to either store.    It would be, in my opinion, a bonus box!

My favorites of the Agraria potpourri:   Bitter Orange

But then I've tried no other and I'm really interested in the lavender and rosemary -- I may have to order that for summer!

For at Christmas and winter, I love the house to smell of spice but in summer I like the clean smell of lavender!


On Crooked Creek said...

I love citrus scents burning in the candles here! Lemon, orange and raspberry lemon with an occasional pear are my favorites! Looking forward to the's been a long week on this side of thePrairie!!!

Pondside said...

I'm annoyingly sensitive to perfumes, but I love a good potpourri. The smell of potpourri and furniture polish, underlying something delicious from the kitchen - now that's the smell of a wonderful home!

Carol at Serendipity said...

I love my Lampe Berger. I have some Trapp candles. Now I have to research your potpourri!