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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After Church Treats

We're Lutherans.    And whenever Lutherans gather there is coffee (for as Cass from That Old House coffee is not in a Lutheran's blood -- it is Lutheran's blood!) and you can't have coffee without something to eat!!!

Our church is early -- one service only at 9 a.m. and we get out at 10 or a little after.     Breakfast is often  quick nibble so after church we're definitely hungry.     So week by week a family (or two) takes turns and brings treats for the congregation.     We're not a large church (so we're not feeding hundreds) and  so it's quite manageable to bring treats for Sunday.

I do the baking (the Saturday before) and Husband Jim helps with the Sunday toting and . .

The setting up.    He's filling little cups with cream cheese for the bagels!    Husband Jim is quite useful!

For this Sunday I made . . .

These cookies are ridiculously easy (easy peasy!) -- an 8 ounce container of Cool Whip, a box of Betty Crocker cake mix (I used chocolate -- my nieces like lemon) and 2 eggs.    Mix together.    Form dough into balls and roll in powdered sugar.    Put on a baking sheet (lined with parchment or silpat) and bake at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes (or until firm to the touch) -- cool and enjoy!

Stacy and Crystal's Cookies.    They're my nieces and when I had lunch with them Friday they gave me the recipe.    They really liked them and said that they were easy to make.    They said that if they take them anywhere they always bring an empty plate home!    And . . .

Sour cream coffee cake.    The old standard coffee cake with cinnamon nut streusel in the middle.  The recipe that is in so many cookbooks with little variations.     I gilded the lily by giving the cake a maple drizzle.  (And I cheat for I use yogurt instead of sour cream!) (And I used Ina Garten's recipe -- her cookbooks are always handy!)

Besides the sweets, I also added fresh strawberries and mini bagels and cream cheese to spread them with.    Not everyone likes sweets!

And the congregation came and ate . . . I had crumbs to bring home (and a few bagels!)  

With food and coffee after church, you stay and visit instead of rushing out the door after you shake the Pastor's hand.    We always enjoy our Sunday fellowship.



Suzanne said...

This is such a lovely tradition. We're Episcopalians, and our church does the same thing. Great post!

Lottie said...

Can't wait to try the cookies! I love chocolate but DH requested the lemon cookies! Wonderful way to share at your church.

Pondside said...

Thanks for that easy-peasy cookie recipe!
I love coffee hour after a church service - it makes all the difference to fellowship.

Mary said...

I live in the Midwest too and this is so familiar! Lovely!

Bernideen said...

This is wonderful and meets such a need with these older folks - probably the highlight of their week!

nannykim said...

I love that last photo--precious!

On Crooked Creek said...

What a precious tradition to follow in your congregation! Your treats looks YUMMY, as always!!! I agree, husband Jim is a great helper!

Unknown said...

This sounds wonderful. The cake looks scrumptious!!!

Karen said...

I love the idea that church is at 9 and everyone stays for a visit and refreshments. We have 9 and 11 o'clock services, but we still have refreshments... usually homemade. I love cooking for our small church. Some times I make a strata or some sort of casserole.
Your refreshments looks really yummy!
Have a great day.
Ladybug Creek

podso said...

What a great tradition. Part of church is the community of sharing together. I caught up on recent posts--love your dining room table set for a valentine lunch--mine would have looked very similar. In fact you have a similar dining room set to the one my parents had as I grew up and my sister now has, I just love your dining room. Yes, there is something to that quiet few minutes before the guests arrive. I'm not good at finishing cooking after they arrive; I have to have it done so I can concentrate on the guests!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful tradition to share homemade goodies! We have donuts and coffee after our services, which is really nice, but nothing like homemade!

Beth said...

Martha, That is a nice tradition and way to get to know others in the congregation and keep in touch. Your goodies look tasty, as always. Hope all is well on the prairie!
Blessings, Beth