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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Rug

I grew up in an old house -- with hardwood floors and rugs.    Oriental rugs in the living room and dining room -- "scatter" rugs beside the beds (which kept your feet warm on the first step out of bed . . . but the next step  was onto the cool hardwood floor . . .)

Our first apartment had hardwood floors and we bought rugs.    Our first house had hardwood floors and we brought our apartment rugs for the floors.     And then we moved into a new house (what were we thinking?) which had carpet.      

And when we moved to Linderhof, it had carpeting in all the rooms.   (For in the 70's carpet was in and hardwood was out. )   But I knew that underneath the carpet was hardwood . . . it was, after all, a house built in 1920.      And a few years after we moved in, we took up all the carpet and had the floors refinished.      And the rug that we bought for the living room looked smashing on the hardwood floor.

It was a Karastan Oriental.     And it was a perfect size for the living room.    But I knew it would be for it came from a house of the age of Linderhof.    And it was a Karastan!    We got it for a great price because it was such an odd size -- too long to fit into most houses.

We've had the rug for a long while and we simply adore it.    It has that patina that only a good rug can acquire.

In the dining room, however, the rug was another story.      It was an inexpensive rug that we bought at a Salvage Store.  

An Oriental in tones of red.   It looked okay but it didn't have the "pizzaz" that the living room rug had.    It looked like a knock-off rather than the "real deal"!

And then, in December, at the Greenwood Antique Mall, I found a rug -- a Karastan . . . but it was December and Christmas and so, the rug stayed at the mall.

Then last week, I went back to Greenwood and there was the rug . . . . for a good price . . . and so it came home with me!

And it's now in the dining room.    It's a 9 x 12 rug (compared to 8 x 10 of the old one) and those two feet in length and one foot in width definitely does make a difference.   It's scale is much better for the room!

The old one was pretty . . .

The new one has that "wow" factor!

It's really a pretty pattern and looks really good with the living room rug!  

It makes the dining room seem more special!

We've been making an effort to "dine" in the dining room for our evening meal.    For most of our time at Linderhof, we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room for we had no "casual" eating area.     Adding the breakfast room 4 1/2 years ago rectified that -- however, we seemed to gravitate to eating all meals there!

So tonight, I set the table again in the dining room

I prefer setting our places at each end of the table but it's Lent and the Easter egg tree is a rather large centerpiece.    Dinner conversation is an important part of our meal and so, during Lent, we sit side by side.

A favorite blog find of mine is A Haus to Call Home.    She's a prairie girl as well -- living in the big city just north of us.    I'm hoping that someday we can share a pot of tea!

Last week she posted on Brussels Sprouts Cockaigne.    Husband Jim and I love Brussels sprouts and I knew that we'd love this recipe.

And it is yummy.     And simple.     We both enjoyed the sprouts fixed Michelle's way.    They were perfect with

Slices of Kansas City strip steak and sautéed baby potatoes.

And as is our custom . . .

Coffee is served after dinner in the living room.     Since it was Sunday, we used cups and saucers instead of mugs.

It's also Monday and time for Met Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch and I'm sharing my new rug.


Pondside said...

A good rug elevates a room, truly. When we were newly married we spent our (scarce!)money on two very good rugs. They sat under Salvation Army furniture for years. The furniture is gone but the rugs just get better and better.


Congrats! It is gorgeous and perfect, so happy it was still there for you, it was meant for you to have it. I love it that it's so big and the colours are beautiful!I adore fine rugs, we have in our dining room and living room oriental rugs.
Have a happy week.

Michelle said...

I love your new rug, it's gorgeous! It really does have a wow factor! I'm so glad you liked the sprouts and thank you so much for your very kind comments in your post! You made my day! I am looking forward to meeting you over a pot of tea too - we're practically neighbors, in blogland anyway! Also, love your Easter tree. We always have one too as it's a very German custom. We usually decorate forsythia branches with wooden's always so springy and cheerful after a long winter. Yours looks beautiful on your table!
Have a wonderful week,

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What a great rug! It looks perfect in your dining room.

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous. What a wonderful find. There really isn't anything quite like a fabulous rug. Hugs, Marty

Bookie said...

Oh, you did well to get the rug and to wait for a good price! Is the Greenwood Mall near Independence? I have heard of it but never been.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Beautiful rug. It looks perfect in the dining room. XO, Pinky

relevanttealeaf said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoy your blog. Great posts and photos.

Donna@anangloinquébec said...

I am dropping by from BNOTP where your link is right after mine...yep, a rule follower. :), well sometimes! But am I glad I did...I love your images of those rugs. I have several Persian rugs that I cherish around our home. They really add such character to a space and incredible warmth. I am also loving that easter decorationg on your table. Really beautiful!!

Barbara said...

Yes your new rug does look good. That is an amazing piece of furniture in the right hand corner with the full mirror.

Always remember hard wood floors with similar rugs at my Grandmothers house.

On Crooked Creek said...

WoW!!! The difference one rug makes! The added footage and the patena of the hues in that rug are so exquisite! Linderhof is such a shining jem...and she just keeps getting better with age and great purchases! Lovely, Martha!

Marianne said...

How I just love this new rug of yours, its gorgeous and looks perfect in the dining room. We finally bought a run for the living room last year and it took me ages to find the right colors. I did end up with a hand woven persian but not an old one, much to my dismay.
Marianne :)