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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Road Trip

Normally, the Lunch Bunch comes to Linderhof for lunch and have once a month since January 2000.   It has been an enjoyable respite each month and I look forward to planning a seasonal menu where I get to try new recipes!

But every once in a while . . .

We do a road trip!

Some "road trips" are fairly close to home while sometimes we go further afield.

In February, we traveled north to Paola, Kansas and hit a favorite restaurant of three of us . . .

A German restaurant in a small town in Kansas.   Husband Jim and I  been going to Beethoven's for a long long time for we always enjoy good German food and Beethoven's has the best!   

It's a quaint restaurant and reminds me of some of the eateries in Europe.    But then it should for the owners are German!

Two of the three Lunch Bunchers have been there but JoAnn had not -- and she's German so she was really looking forward to "Eating Dutch" as my relatives always said when the meal consisted of German food.

There are a lot of choices on the menu . . . besides German food!

And when you get settled at your table . . .

Out comes a plate of rolls -- ours were still warm from the oven.    The rolls and butter could have been my meal!     They are so good!!!!

We all ordered something different and traded bites of each . . . most of us took some of our meal home -- for the portions are large!

We had . . .

Think big meat balls!

Frickadillen, mashed potatoes and gravy and red cabbage

Think Chicken Fried Steak without the Gravy
Wienerschnitzel, mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw

thin sliced beef rolled around  dill pickle

Rouladen, mashed potatoes and potato salad

"hot dogs" and noodles

Wursts, schnitzle and red cabbage.

It was all good and as I always say about German food -- it's all beige!    If it weren't for the red cabbage, there would not be any color at all on the plate!!!!

We all agreed, however, that beige food is good -- especially big helpings of beige food!

With our food boxes piled in the middle of the table,  we ordered all around . . .

Slices of carrot cake.     One piece would have fed all of us.    But we each had our own piece . . . and more boxes (with the leftover cake) were added to the pile of take home boxes in the middle of the table!

It was a fun day and after lunch, we "shopped" Paola --

It's a neat small town not all that far from our little town on the prairie.     And it has one great German restaurant -- which is a reason in itself to visit Paola!

It's Wednesday and I'm sharing our "road trip" with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wedneday.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

It may be 9 am but now I am hungry for lunch! Wish it was closer, my brother loves a good german rest. our favorite in St. Louis changed.

nannykim said...

oh what a cool looking place. I haven't eaten at a German place since visiting a place in Washington state--called Leavenworth--if you haven't seen it you should google it. Such a pretty little town--almost like Switzerland--and they have a really good German restaurant there (they may have more than one)--I loved the food!

Michelle said...

I was showing this post to my husband, since he's from Bavaria and always likes to find a good, local German restaurant, and he got all excited saying that one of his colleagues told him to try this place out! And, it's on the way home to visit my parents, so I guess next time we travel home, we'll be stopping at Beethoven's!!! The food looks yummy!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I will remember this stop if we find ourselves road tripping in that area. Cute local restaurant and delicious food.

RobinfromCA said...

The wife/mom of lifelong family friends was from Germany. She escaped during WWII and never talked much about her home. She did, however, make fabulous food from her home country that I grew up eating. I love everything you pictured here - except carrot cake (I know.) - but I was probably the only kid, outside their daughter, who thought red cabbage should be served more often. I still feel that way!!