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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Cookie Factory

I love baking cookies for the children of neighbors and friends for holidays.    Put in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon, they make nice gifts and what child doesn't like a package of cookies!

Mostly, I like to do cut-out cookies which I like to frost and "paint" . . .

For Easter . . .

Bunnies, and . . .


And when the President of a club I'm in said that as a small fundraiser she would make and sell her famous poundcake for Easter dessert for any of the club ladies who would like to purchase them, I said -- "great -- I'll make my bunny and chick cookies!"    A half dozen cookies in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon for $3.00.

I was hoping that we could sell enough to earn $100 for the club . . .

Orders were slow in coming but then the trickle turned to a tidal wave and I found myself with orders for 85 bags of cookies -- or 42 1/2 dozen!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday, Linderhof was a cookie factory as I baked and frosted and painted and then put six cookies in the cello bags and tied them with a ribbon.

The dining room made a good staging area.   I worked on the cookies either in the kitchen or in the breakfast room and trays of frosted cookies waited for their painted embellishment.

Trays of chick cookies . . .

Trays of bunny cookies.

And a tray of each.

A tray of painted bunnies drying before they could be popped into a cello bag.

Trays of cookies ready to be delivered or picked up.  

A very successful fund raiser for my club -- $255 worth of cookies sold!    Plus the pound cakes!

Alas, none of these cookies are for family or friends -- those I will bake tomorrow.     For it isn't a holiday without cookie gifts!

The cookie recipe I've had "forever" (it was my mother's)  and after my baking marathon, I do have the recipe memorized.


1 cup butter, at room temperature
1 1/2 c. sugar
3 eggs
1 T.  vanilla
1 t. almond flavoring
4 c. flour
1 t. baking powder
1/2 t. salt

Cream butter and sugar until light.    Add eggs, one at a time, then add flavorings.     Mix flour, baking powder and salt together and then add.    Mix until dough comes together.     Flatten into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap and chill for at least 30 minutes.

Roll to your desired thickness (depending if you like a soft or a crisp cookie) and bake until firm to the touch.

Cool on wire racks.

When cool, frost with desired frosting (if I'm going to paint the cookies, I like Royal Icing).    For Christmas, Daughter Sarah's favorite is the Christmas tree cookie cutter and green sugar.    

Royal Icing

2 egg whites (I use meringue powder)
3 cups powdered sugar
juice of 1 lemon

Mix egg whites and powdered sugar in mixer with whisk attachment for 5 minutes.    Add lemon juice and whisk some more.    If it's too thick, add a bit of milk to thin.

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Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Wow. They all look wonderful and I'm sure they're delicious. You out did yourself. What a great fundraiser!

Deb said...

They are so sweet. You really were busy and you did a beautiful job. I had a little bag of cookies very similar dropped off at my home from a friend for my little grand-daughter to enjoy on Easter day. Very thoughtful. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Deb

On Crooked Creek said...

WoW!!! These are amazing!!! I know your club appreciated your efforts as well as those who purchased cookies for their own Easter baskets!Now...after your cup of tea...enjoy making them for those near and dear to yout heart!

Jenni said...

OK, that's just awesome! They look so pretty too:)

Steph@RamblingWren said...

Those cookies look adorable and delicious. Your dining room table looks so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a Happy Easter:)


Such adorable cookies! Thanks for sharing. Have a very HAPPY EASTER!

relevanttealeaf said...

Oh my goodness! What a labor of love! The cookies are adorable and I'm sure they taste as good as they look. Easter blessings to you!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Oh, my! You were BUSY! But how wonderful the cookies look and how beautifully they are decorated! I'm impressed.

Rose H (UK) said...

I'm hot and exhausted just reading this Martha ;o) You've certainly done yourself proud and made folk happy and raised funds, bless you.
Wishing you both a very happy Easter.
Rose H

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

They are so sweet! You did a wonderful job, and congratulations on the fundraising!

Ivy and Elephants said...

You are absolutely amazing. What a wonderful thing you did for the fundraiser. The cookies are super cute. Congratulations, job well done. This is such a wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our WIW linky party. Hope to see you there.


Bernideen said...

THIS IS A FACTORY INDEED and what a sweet smelling one! Lovely cookies and thank you for the recipe. Happy Easter!

asunny said...

Oh my gosh! They are glorious! I don't know which are the cutest the bunnies or the chicks. What a huge job your undertook. Happy Easter to you and your hubby.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, Martha! These are so incredibly sweet! What a nice thing to do for the fundraiser!!! I wish I was your neighbor!!! =)

Karen's Place said...

I am amazed!! They are sooo cute and what a fun "fun"draiser!! Applauding you loudly. Have a joyous Easter!

Beth said...

They are just adorable! You had a mini cookie factory going there. Amazing, Martha. I'm so proud of you and your work for your charity. God bless and Happy Easter.