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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Hill

To someone in the midwest (or at least the Missouri/Kansas midwest) there is only one "Hill" -- The Hill in Saint Louis -- the Italian section with classic Italian restaurants.    I've eaten there before -- in my other life when I worked and we had meetings in St. Louis, we always ate on "The Hill".    But I can't remember where -- it was always dark when we arrived and I never drove.     But I do remember two things -- the food was always exceptional and there was fried ravioli.

Last week, The Hill . . .

With Italian flags flying -- announcing to everyone that this is "The Hill".    Even the fire hydrants are painted, red white and green!

We were there for lunch instead of dinner . . .

We parked and walked to the restaurant.

Zias recommended by both Pat from Back Porch Musings and Toad from To the Manor Born -- longtime friends of Linderhof who happen to live near The Hill and have first hand knowledge of where to go!

Their pasta list with classic favorites.

And, of course . .  .

Fried Ravioli -- a St. Louis "Hill" classic.    Served with marinara sauce.    And, of course, a glass of wine.    I've had it before (those business trips) but Husband Jim had not -- he pronounced it delicious and thought it made a great appetizer.

For Lunch he had a favorite spaghetti -- OBG with the addition of shrimp and red peppers.    I had

Chicken Soto.    Chicken breasts topped with Italian cheese with a mushroom wine and lemon sauce.   And garlic!

And because Pat also recommended

We went there after lunch.    The red, white and green sign indicates that you will find Italian sweets inside.

And indeed we did!

I was fascinated by these Eidelweis cakes.    Alas, I settled for an assortment of Italian cookies for later.   For we were full from lunch!     Pat had recommended baklava but alas, they didn't have any (or any left at least).  

It truly was an old fashioned bakery and I could have come home with sacks and sacks of treats!

It is always fun to visit new places and take in local color.    If you're ever in St. Louis at meal time, I would definitely recommend a stop on The Hill for a meal.   (And make sure you visit the Missouri Baking Company as well!)


On Crooked Creek said...

Oh, my...but that Chicken Soto looks delicious! I was treated to Mother's Day lunch @ our son and daughter~in~laws today...homemade Alfredo sauce with grilled Chicken and bow tie Pasta. What a treat and a joy to have a son who cooks and a daughter~in~law who loves to entertain! Our daughter ~in~law made brownies served with ice cream drizzled with chocolate! I may have to look for this Chicken Soto recipe soon! Hope your Mother's Day was special for you, too!

Pondside said...

Mmmmm - Italian food is comfort food at any time of year. I don't know about fried ravioli (but I'd try it if it was offered!), but your dish looks scrumptious!

Rowan said...

The Chicken Soto looks fabulous - I love Italian food. Sadly my chances of ever being able to visit The Hill are very slender I'm afraid.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh looks good, just ate on the hill a couple of weeks ago. So many great places you can not go wrong. If you go back stop in Vivano's grocery store, stepping back in time..the spices, cheeses etc are to die for.

Unknown said...

So happy to see your post about "The Hill"!
We have lived in Belleville, IL for a few months now and haven't visisted there yet. This gives me the inspiration that I need to go and spend sometime in St. Louis. We have shopped there but that is all. Thank you for the suggestions on where to go. Glad you had fun....Maybe we can met there??/
Blessings My Friend,

Erica (Irene) said...

Yummm.....I love Italian food. Never had fried ravioli though but sure sounds delicious.
Love your new header of your pretty.


Toad said...

I glad you had fun and made it home safely.

Michelle said...

Have to smile...we ate at Zia's a few years back and I had to take a temperamental child for a walk on that very sidewalk with the steps going up to the front porches! Ha! =)

PAT said...

I am so happy you enjoyed The Hill Martha. Loved seeing all the photos.

The food looks amazing.