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Friday, June 22, 2012

Estate Sale Treasures

They're called Estate Sales on the prairie -- Tag Sales in other parts of the country.    Some truly are, Estate Sales that is, for the owner has either passed away or has been taken to a nursing home and their belongings need to be disposed of.

Others are called "Estate Sales" but I think they're often more "moving sales" or glorified "garage sales" but the seller, perhaps, feels that the traffic will be heavier if they're called an "Estate Sale".

There are several companies in the city that conduct true Estate Sales and we're on their email lists.    We do have three favorites and are always excited when we get an email notification of one of their sales!

Friday last found us in the city on another errand.     But since we were there, the list of Estate Sales came with us.

And treasure came back with us . . . .

A darling old mirror -- not sure how old but written on the back is a notification that it belonged to Grandmother _________________.    It was the last day and the going price was half of what it was marked.

It fit in perfectly on this sliver of wall in the guest room.      The darling picture at the top of the mirror is a famous one and the girl seems at home against the yellow background white rose wallpaper.

I love to do needlepoint but I also love to "rescue" needlepoint.     Old hand sewn pillows at a inexpensive price seem to make their way home to Linderhof.

This, too, was half price.     The colors of that dusty rose and blue were so 80's.    The whole house was done in these colors!     Rugs and curtains and furniture upholstery.     Bedspreads and baths, too!

But it seems to fit in well on the chaise in the master bedroom and it also has the same oriental motif that the pillow on the chair has tying the two together even more.

A darling little watercolor.    British in feel, I think.    It sits on the table in the sunroom awaiting the perfect frame before it finds a place on a wall.    It was amazingly inexpensive at $20 which was the full price for that was the first day of that sale.

My other treasure was the old blue and white cup and saucer bought at the same sale as the watercolor. It was a good "sale" day.

And we eagerly await another sale day in the city . . .


Tracey said...

What lovely finds... they all look right at home :-)

Erica (Irene) said...

Nice finds...but I can't believe it I have the same mirror except I paid retail for it, some years ago.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Nice finds!!!!

I really like the mirror.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

The pleasures of the chase.....I think you found delightful treasures.

Pondside said...

Feathering one's nest - ie plumping up the back of a chaise longue - bliss!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

You found some lovely treasures. I find it is hard to pass up nicely done needlepoint especially when one knows the time put into creating it and the price is right.

I love the sweet blue and white cup you featured in another post. The cow painting is very nice as well.

I love shopping at a true estate sale!

Mimi said...

WHAT terrific finds you found!!!
Great homes for new treasures!!!!
I often think about MY stuff, and what will happen to it...I have told my MOM what few things of hers I would like..I do not have room for all of it...but we have alot of family so it will all go somewhere...I doubt my kids or grands will want all of my stuff...or JUNK....what ever they call it!!!

podso said...

Good finds! The mirror looks great. Estate sales make me a little sad though. I went to a neighbors and there was all her stuff that was popular in the 60s and earlyu 70s when she was probably raising her family. And now headed to a nursing home and breaking up the home they loved. No one seemed interested in these good quality country/colonial things. Someday they will be "hot" items again!

Barbara said...

Yes the watercolour does look British. I like it. The combination of picture/mirror is unusual too. Looks like some good bargains.

Michelle said...

Great finds Martha! Reminds me of something I read on a blog a long time ago...the gal said to buy only things you love and that others will one day fight over at your estate sale!