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Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Finds

I love to go "hunting".    Very little of the "things" at Linderhof were bought new -- most were acquired at Estate Sales, Flea Markets, Junk Shops, Thrift Shops, Antique Malls or Antique Shops.    Lovingly acquired over the years.    

Last Friday found friend Sally and I headed South to one of our favorite "haunts" -- Dapper's in the little town 25 miles south of us.     We hadn't been in a while and what with new stock and moving old stock around, it was like visiting a whole new store.

In the lower level in a great wicker flower cart from St. Louis were a stash of linens.    Sally and I were immediately entertained as we pulled item after item out, looked them over and then either put them back or put them into our "pile"!

I love old linens and Linderhof's linen closet and sideboard drawers are filled with old linens.

My "pile" contained:

A very old but very good lace tablecloth that will fit the dining room table with the leaf in.    I love old lace tablecloths -- from the 40s and 50s.    The lace is so much better quality than what you find new.

Four damask napkins which don't match anything but they were $2 and I will use them for everyday.    They have a great "patina" that only lovingly used damask acquires.

Another lace tablecloth -- old but not quite as nice as the first but for $8 it will be a great topper for the porch table.    I've been wanting one for that table -- one that can live outside without me giving it a worry!

Pillowcases.    Old with hand done edgings.    I especially like old pillowcases and we have a few at Linderhof and with these five sets, I really don't need any more!

A Belgian linen tablecloth that's never been opened.   It's size indicates that it will be a perfect tablecloth for the breakfast room table.  

On top are some silver spoons -- six of them engraved "Helen".    I haven't looked them up yet to see when they were made or the pattern but I absolutely adore anything monogramed!

My last find is a great little lamp.    A style I adore and a size that is just perfect.    It's on top  of the cabinet in the bathroom and I just need to order some wax candle sleeves to make it a "perfect" lamp.    The shade is metal and the lamp is brass.

Oh, and we did stop at Home Depot and I found three coreopsis for the garden -- blooming now and they will be a big addition, especially since I have guests touring the garden on Wednesday and there really isn't much in bloom!   And all three of them were only $10!!!

We had a fun shopping day, Sally and I, and she brought home as many treasures as I.     We're looking forward to our next "Adventures in Shopping with Sally and Martha"!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Amazing bargains for such beautiful linens! And even more fun to go hunting with a friend.

Mimi said...

I used to shop like that with 2 or 3 friends.....then I moved away...we would even go to CALIF. to their fabulous antique stores.....I love stopping and browsing at local Yard sales!!!!YOU found some great items!!
Happy Monday to you,

Unknown said...

What a fun day! Love everything you found!

From the Kitchen said...

Linens are my first stop at antique shops. I'm particularly drawn to print tablecloths from the 1940s. I also love the lace cloths.


podso said...

What a fun day. I too love lace tablecloths and usually have one on our dining room table when not in use. And we have a house full of previously-loved things. Makes it all so much more interesting to have furnishings that have a story to them--where found, etc. and then more stories behind them that we'll never know! Beats a new furniture story any day! Your little spoons look to be quite a find too!

Schotzy said...

Love it all and what bargains... dont find bargains like that around here!!

On Crooked Creek said...

I, too, have a weakness for vintage linens! Linens were the first things I began purchasing at Antique Malls years ago. . .and I bought a round vintage table topper over the weekend! Enjoy your great finds!!! I'll be watching for their premier @ Linderhof!

Rowan said...

Lots of good finds, I like the lamp as well as the linens.