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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Memory Comes Home

We adore wall art.    Oil paintings, water colors, etching and even some prints.      Linderhof's walls are filled with pictures that we've collected over the last 40 years.     Our taste is eclectic (to use that trite phrase) and we don't have enough wall space for all of our art.     A bin full is in the attic.   

The guest bedroom had two pictures on one side of the windows -- a picture from an old Zuber wallpaper book which we framed and a print that I bought at a garage sale (whose provenance I don't know).    

The guest room -- before.

On the other side, a print that we got at an estate sale.    

We liked the look but . . .

Two great pictures.

At another estate sale, I found this darling watercolor of cows.    I'm not sure who did the watercolor nor whether it is English or American, but I liked it and it was only $20 (unframed).    A trip to a local antique mall and there was the perfect frame.     Hung below the picture on the right, it fills the wall better.

My grandmother had a picture that I always admired.    Done in 1814 and titled "Boy with a Rabbit" it's by Henry Raeburn Inglis.    It is just slightly less popular than "Blue Boy" and "Blue Girl" for you see prints everywhere!     "Boy With a Rabbit" slipped through my fingers but I have yearned for it since we settled my grandmother's estate.

Everytime I see a print, I judge quality, frame and price and have always passed them by for they didn't meet all three criteria for purchase.  

Then last Thursday we were at a favorite antique shop in Camdenton, Missouri . . . and what did I see on the wall?

Not my grandmother's but it is almost and I can think of it as hers!

The picture.    For only $45!    It's in a similar frame to my grandmother's (a plus) and it's colors are close to the original (another plus).     Husband Jim shook his head at my purchase but I wasn't really buying a picture as much as I was buying a memory.

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.


Pondside said...

Oh, Martha, I understand, completely! Memories are precious, and when you can make one concrete by finding such a lovely duplicate of your grandmother's print - well, it's pretty special!

On Crooked Creek said...

What a precious find to bring back the memory of your Granmother. The "head shaking"...I understand! Our husbands, too, are MoMa once told me," You better hang on to him, NO one else would put up with you!" The older I get, the more I believe her words! Ha! Enjoy your print!

Bookie said...

Oh, such a good tale here tonight. I am so glad you got the picture. I know this one and I know how you felt too. A memory is worth the money!

Oh Martha, so hot here today. I haven't felt well this weekend and the heat just seems to make me feel worse! I think people will shrivel like the flowers if this heat stays two months as predicted. I think if we could have rain on the side it might help. Have a good week ahead.

Tea Party said...

So happy for you've said, it's not the object, but the memory we cherish. I found some dishes like my mother had used for her "everyday" dishes this still my heart...

You have such a lovely guest room!

Rose H (UK) said...

How lovely to find your lovely picture that holds so many memories. Each time you glimps it, it will make you smile :o)

Decor To Adore said...

Your project feels perfect for summer! Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Well done!

sweet violets said...

Nothing wrong with buying a memory!!! I did the same a few years ago when I spied a bowl like my mom used to mix batter in...I bought it and it makes me smile when I use it......

Scribbler said...

Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

I have a family picture in a similar frame.