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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Bit of Paint . . .

Wicker belongs on a front porch, I think.   There's something about wicker and plants and a porch!
Some years ago at a garage sale in the city we bought . . .

The porch in June.

These two wicker chairs for $40.    They're not new but they're not "ancient" either!    The table, on the other hand is, and was a purchase here in our little town!     The table and chairs make for an inviting place to take tea or read a book (when the temperatures are not triple digits!).

But the natural wicker color looked so "ordinary"!    And so, with spray paint in hand . . .
The porch in July!

 I painted them white!    I love how the cushions and pillows "pop" against the white while they were lost with the natural wicker!    The "ancient" table, however, I left as found.  

A needlepoint pillow for the chair.

The pillows are needle point.   Not done by me, alas, but bought at a toney shop for a mere pittance for they were on clearance!     The topiary needlepoint goes well on the porch.    A moon on one chair . . .

And it's "sister" for the other!

And a star on the other!     

On the table besides the geranium is a piece of garden statuary . . .

The gnome is older than Daughter Sarah!

A gnome (who never roams alone!) that we bought almost 40 years ago in Branson when we bought our first concrete birdbath.     The birdbath crumbled over time (as concrete sometimes does in Kansas if it's not brought in for the winter) but the gnome remained.

We chose him because he was a book reading gnome.   Husband Jim and I both adore reading and we felt a literary loving gnome was a perfect garden ornament.

We bought other birdbaths but not for the gnome and so he has been a porch or garden decoration for the last 25 years.    And he has the wonderful patina that old concrete has.   Patina that you can't create!

The porch is a garden room in the summer and gnomes and plants are always part of the porch decor.

The porch is a great place for afternoon tea in the summer -- IF the temperature is not in the triple digits!   

The white painted wicker chairs  brightened the porch, I think, and we like the transformation of the chairs this summer.  

It's Monday and I'm sharing my chairs with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Beth said...

Your chairs look very pretty, Martha. Have a great week!

The French Hutch said...

Oh I agree with you about your chairs. The chairs take on a new life painted white. They pop, the pillows pop and everything just looks more like you expect a porch to look. Beautiful and a great job!

The French Hutch

Pondside said...

I think wicker should be white!
Your porch looks so inviting and I imagine that you'll be sitting out there more often as the heat abates.

Anonymous said...

I think so too! You're right the white does make the cushions and pillows pop...this looks so comfy and inviting.I'm new follower visiting from BNOTP,Met Monday.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I love a porch with wicker chairs. You got a great deal on yours. The needlepoint pillow are the cutest touch. Have a delightful day!

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely screened in porch and the transformation of the "painted" chairs is refreshing!!! That side table is a gorgeous piece...perfect size between the chairs! Thanks for sharing this "cool" spot to linger and sit a spell in the heat of the day!

Chubby Chieque said...

An absolutely shabby that I always love.

Have a nice week.

Scribbler said...

You bet they look so inviting! That big porch always makes me wish I had a different house!

Michelle said...

Your porch is so very lovely! I bought similar wicker chairs at a garage sale around the corner two summers I wish I had a porch like yours to put them on...mine are sadly lying in wait in the basement! But they're great for taking out onto the patio when the weather is nice!