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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Wobbler and The Beatles

Tuesday, the Lunch Bunch traveled north for a "Road Trip" which landed us at a great restaurant for lunch and then shopping in a favorite Kansas City area, Crestwood.

Alas, I found a treasure . . .
It goes up and around and around!

A "Wobbler" -- from Pear Tree Antiques.   A favorite shop whose inventory is European -- both big and small.    In the shop is a sink that I covet . . . I drool every time I visit and I know it would be perfect in Linderhof's garden!    But alas, it is a permanent fixture and is not for sale!

The "Wobbler" - it's a topiary form but only the English would have a clever name for it!    I adore topiaries and have had my globe ivy topiary since the first Valentine's Lunch I did several years ago.    I've had many myrtle topiaries -- all for short periods of time.     Very short periods of time!    I bought another one in April and it's growing!    I think I found the secret!

The "Wobbler" . . .

Transforming a plain "topiary" into an English "wobbler"

was bought for this pot of ivy.    I had an iron form for it to grow up and around but thought, perhaps that this new topiary would be more fun!     So I switched out the topiary form for the "wobbler".

We'll keep you advised of it's progress as it grows up and around!

It was brilliant of me, I think . . . and it looks smashing!     As the ivy grows, I shall tuck it in and around the spirals of the wobbler.

And this evening, we headed to Liberty Theatre.    A great event theatre here in our little town.     For a favorite group was playing . . .

Set 1 -- The Early Beatles

In our opinion, the BEST Beatles Tribute Band in the Country!!!      They first played here and at the Liberty ten years ago -- for we brought them here for our Daughter's wedding.

And first Michael and now Jim bring them back to our town . . . and they are a favorite.    It was a packed house tonight.

Set 2 - Sergeant Pepper Days

The band brings back memories -- many memories -- of youth and The Beatles as well as our daughter's wedding 10 years ago.      "John" told me that Liverpool had been playing for 23 years . . . and at the time they started there were only 5 Beatle Tribute Bands total in the United States -- now there are 500!    He also said that in all probability that tonight there was a Beatle Tribute Band playing in every state in the United States.

It's always nice to see the guys again and they're concert is absolutely the best!      We had a grand time even though it was a late night!

We can't wait until they come back!

I'm joining Bernideen for Open House.    I'd love to share my "wobbler"!


Rowan said...

I had no idea that there were any Beatles tribute bands! I've never been a huge Beatles fan but I liked some of their songs - Hey Jude is one of my favourites.

Rebecca said...

The concert looks like fun...

And seeing your "wobbler" makes me eager to look around the house and see what I could adapt and use for one :)

On Crooked Creek said...

Good luck with your "wobbler"!!! I'll be watching for progress on your vines! One of my HighSchool classmates and his wife and family were @ Liberty Theatre last night...they loved it!!! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for your community...Jim included!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The wobbler looks like a Christmas tree. Clever for topiaries.

Bernideen said...

What a fun day and Martha - only you knew what to do with the wobbler! Tell the people there that you want your name on the 'SOMEDAY WHEN YOU SELL IT LIST' for the sink - I have such a thing for the antique fixtures in my store.