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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving . . .

Last fall, I was surprised by a magnificent white orchid.     From friend and fellow blogger, Cass from That Old House.      I adore orchids and this was a beauty!

The Cass Orchid -- 2011

So as a thank you for the orchid, I invited Cass for tea . . . with the orchid as a centerpiece!

And the orchid lived the rest of the fall and into the winter with the wonderful white blooms.    Orchids are long blooming plants which is why I like them so.     And taking care of them properly, you can get them to rebloom.

Once the blooms of the "Cass Orchid" fell, I cut back the bloom stem, kept the plant in the proper window and watered and fed.

And now in August . . .

The Cass Orchid - 2012

The "Cass Orchid" is blooming once again.     I get so excited when I see the first bloom spike appear and I start in on a feeding regimen.      And as the spike grows . . . and then buds appear . . . and soon the first flower.

It is pure excitement for an orchid lover.

The "Cass Orchid"

Pure White

Has a beautiful bloom -- it's so white.

Loads of buds means lots of blooms

And there are lots of additional buds which means that there should be a long bloom time before the orchid is finished.     The rest of summer and a good part of fall.

The guest room table is the perfect place for it.

It looks good in the tin toleware cachepot bought ages ago from Source Pierre because it looked more expensive than it was.      And it's perfect in this corner of the guest room.     And even though it is in the guest room, I do make sure to stop by each and every day and bask in it's beauty.

It's Monday and I'm sharing my reblooming orchid with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How beautiful, blooms just like a friendship.

Bookie said...

Just lovely...glad you see blooms again. My friend in St. Louis...orchids are her favorites and she keeps them going all the time in her house!

Mimi said...

That orchid plant is stunning.I think as a flower grows year after year so does friendship!!!!And it will and does BLOOM where it is planted!!

Pondside said...

How lovely. I've never been able to coax an orchid to re-bloom. There must be something about the friendship in this particular orchid's DNA!

Deb said...

There is something that has never happened in my home and that is to have an orchid bloom. Once I lose the original bloom I never see one again. *sniff*

Rebecca said...

The wallpaper in your guest room is absolutely charming. Such a perfect backdrop for the beautiful orchid.

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

I love your orchid! I've never had success getting mine to re-bloom, but I recently repotted them and am taking what others have called a "tried and true" approach. Fingers crossed... I'd love to have your success!

On Crooked Creek said...

The white bloom is exquisite! I adore that the excitement it creates when blooming is liken to that of rekindled friendships!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well, geez, Martha, now any orchid that lives in my home is going to start clamoring to MOVE TO LINDERHOF, because HERE they just bloom, and are never heard from again.

They get their little cement overshoes, and it's into the East River for them ... New Jersey gangland style. :-P

How lovely, though, to see our orchid blooming so beautifully. I have never gotten re-blooming; you will have to teach me how!

See ya!