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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Green Man

In the dining room, over the sideboard is the piece of artwork that we call "The Green Man".    Husband Jim brought it to the marriage and for the past 42 years, it has always hung somewhere in the house we lived in.    Usually, in the dining room. 

When we moved to Linderhof 24 years ago, we chose to hang "The Green Man" in the dining room.    He's been there ever since!

The view from the living room into the dining room.

On the wall over the sideboard.      We "put back" the lights on either side of the picture, which is a story in itself.

He came without a frame and this is the third frame that we've had him in.

He is a woodblock on fabric and is an original.     He was greener 42 years ago which is why we call him "The Green Man" but he has mellowed over the years.     How did Husband Jim acquire such a remarkable piece of art?

He was stationed in Viet Nam in the late 60's.    He got to go on an R and R to Taiwan.    He went to an Art Gallery in Taiwan and bought this picture.     He was 19!      I am still amazed at his taste back when 19 year old soldiers in Viet Nam who sent home art work usually sent home Elvis on black velvet!!!

The Green Man was done by the art professor at the University of Taiwan.    He paid $50 for it back in the late 60's.    That was a lot of money for a soldier to spend on a piece of artwork.

I didn't marry him for The Green Man . . . but I'm glad that Husband Jim came with him!

I am as much in love with The Green Man today as I was in 1969.    Good pieces are always classics!

I really can't imagine the dining room without The Green Man hanging over the sideboard.    He's the reason that so much of our Asian art collection hangs in the dining room.     He started it all!

And I am still amazed that a 19 year old GI would buy something of this quality for his home.

I am one lucky woman!


Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

I love that he bought that when he was only 19 and that you have kept it all these years. You are right, a good piece always looks great. When my dad was in the Air Force in England, he bought his parents a whole set of Wedgwood dishes from the World's Fair in Belgium, 1958. They are now at my mom's in a hutch. In fact the hutch belongs to a Duncan Phyfe set with buffet, table and chairs a lot like yours! Pretty.


I love it! An amazed too that a 19 year old would buy such lovely! The lighting enhances the beauty of the picture even more! Hugs,

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

How special Green Man is and how handsome he looks in your dining room too!

Tea Party said...

I have noticed Mr. Green Man in your pictures, and how fun to now know his charming story...very special. Thank you to Mr. Jim for his service to our country. What a loving lovely couple you are!

On Crooked Creek said...

I adore the story of "Green Man" and that Husband Jim "came with him" to the marriage! Too cute! I had to laugh at the ~ Elvis on black velevet~ comment...I recieved a Sad Eyed Yellow Stripe Cat on Black Velvet! Ha! Thanks for shaing! Love your statues on either side of the sidebar with your gleaming silver set! Gorgeous vignette!!!

Bernideen said...

It is very "classic". I admire the fact that you know your taste so well and stick to it!

podso said...

Yes what taste in art he had at such a young age. It's nice to have things in our home that have stories with them, and this one is quite a story!

Canadian Chickadee said...

What a great painting and what a great story! Congratulations on your 42 years of marriage. :o) xoxo

Mimi said...

I think the story of green Man is what makes it so special......I think your GI hubby made a fabulous buy and a treasure for a life time!!!!I think he looks amazing in your dining room!!!!Your Home is a treasure and I adore everything you show!!!

Michelle said...

What a great story and yes, Jim has great taste!