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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fish Out of Water

Husband Jim and I have been on an adventure . . .  and part of our adventure included meeting a blogger friend.

The first part of the adventure was 

A View From a Ferry

Crossing Long Island Sound on a ferry -- from Connecticut to the North Fork of Long Island . . .

for we were headed to meet a fellow blogger and her fella.

And stay with them . . .

The view from the Beach House porch

At their beach house with this wonderful view!

The blogger and her fella?    Cass from That Old House and Howard.  

The most important place at their beach house?

The most important piece of furniture!

The table on the front porch.    Where Husband Jim and Howard shared Scotch and cigars, where we all shared evening wine and where in the morning . . .

They don't make pastries like this in Kansas!

We partook of pastries.     Wonderful pastries.    Definitely not like any pastries you'd find on the prairie.   Howard was up and out early and brought home this box full of tasty pastries!    Taken with pots (and pots) of good strong coffee.

After breakfast we visited Greenport -- walked the village, shopped some

The view from our table.

And had lunch on the pier overlooking the sound . . .

One of my favorite ways to eat clams

Where we had fried clams and French fries as we watched the coming and going of boats.    Somehow the band at the restaurant next to ours knew we Kansans were visiting.    For they sung "Kansas City" for us!    Without asking!

And we filled the afternoon with Wine
The FIRST winery!

for Long Island is trading potato for grapes and wineries now abound on Long Island.

The vineyard

The wine?

A rose tasting!

 Now you see it . . .


Now you don't!!!

And cheese

Goat Cheese from a goat farm -- you get to taste before you buy!

Goat cheese

The retail shop

Sold in this quaint shop on the farm

The goats!

And you could meet the goats it came from!

We got to experience . . .

Sunset over Long Island Sound and . . .

Sunrise over the South Fork

We continued our adventure by driving through --

scenes from various movies kept running through my head and I thought that hopefully, we wouldn't be "Lost in Manhattan"!     Cass and Howard were instructed that if we didn't get there three hours after they, to send out a search party!

But more about that later.

I've met several bloggers over the years and Cass and I (and Husband Jim) did meet last year for lunch and a visit.    A too short visit but as I said -- it was my ONLY chance to meet her.    We'd never be back to New England . . but mother always said never to say never.    We did come  back and Cass and Howard opened not only their Beach House and That Old House herself  but their hearts to two "strangers" from the prairie.

Cass has been a tease this week -- about her blogger friend and her friend's fella who came to visit.      Now you know!!!!

I'm sharing this with Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday and Michael at Designs by Gollum  for Foodie Friday.


Bookie said...

It all sounds delightful, Martha. So glad you had a good time!

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

What a lovely trip to meet a blogging friend. I used to live on an island, too--Orcas Island in Washington State, part of the San Juan Islands. Your island excursion looks like it was scenic and wonderful. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment--I do appreciate hearing from you!

Gina said...

What a treat to meet a fellow blogger! Looks like you had a wonderful time too!

Tea Party said...

This looks like such a fun get together!!

Entertaining Women said...

What a wonderful treat! Me thinks that you had a glorious time. Thanks for inviting us to trail alongside. Cherry Kay

Bernideen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Barbara said...

Have stayed in Connecticut too but id not get to go on the Ferry. Did enjoy the most delicious cakes made by our host. The pastries here look good. Enjoyed sharing your trip with you through these posts.