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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let There Be Light

I am not a pioneer.    Nor do I yearn for the simpler Amish Life!    I am a girl who likes her creature comforts . . . which includes . . .


The power came on last night around 9 p.m.     Things are back to normal at Linderhof.    With air and light and power there was tea this morning!     And there shall be breakfast!!!   A hot breakfast!

But we would not have had light (and air and tea this morning) if it weren't for the massive effort of

Our power source.    I gross at them often for the high price that we pay for electric (or so it seems) and the fact that in our little town, our transformer which is old tends to go out at the blink of every "fried" squirrel.    But they certainly stepped up to the plate this weekend.      They had crews in place almost immediately to get our town electrified once again!

But the real heroes are the linemen.     Who gave up their weekend with their families and whatever plans they had.    No college football watching for these guys.     Instead they were out working to get the power restored to our whole town!

They are real heroes in my book this weekend!!!

But most of all, I am grateful to . . .

Thomas Alva Edison.     I appreciate his invention even more.    He did change our lives.     I am grateful I live post Edison rather than pre Edison.

Now for another cup of perfectly brewed tea!


Bookie said...

We do not know how much we lean on electricity until it is gone. Even one hour and we are slammed by tasks we take for granted. We automatically pass the computer and click to see the news or think no light but will put the (electric)kettle on..but whoops!!! Our friends south of Joplin have also been without electric and they have a well pump so they have no water either! Glad you are up and running again, Martha.

Patty said...

Sometimes we forget what others do for us. Nice post!

Denise said...

WooHoo, Martha! I'm so glad for you. This post is funny and really struck a nerve with me. I hate being without power. We, too, complain about our electric company, Duke Power, but they are good about getting things back up and running (usually). Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Denise at Forest Manor

On Crooked Creek said...

I, too am glad your power is back up and running @ Lindefhof and the town of Fort Scott! However, the romantic in me doesn't mind a bit of candlelight!!!

Tea Party said...

That was nice Martha...those guys are good guys!! Glad to hear your good news!

Sue@sprucelakecottage said...

Really good post..we forget how electricity has improved our lives. I live out in the country back in a long drive from the main road and we seem to loose ours quite alot from trees and limbs falling on the lines back here...luckily we have a wood burning stove so if we loose it in winter we still can stay warm. We have our own lake and our house is just a few feet from it...we have had times when we lost our electricity and hubby had to bring buckets of water to flush the toilet until it came back on. I'm very thankful for electricity!

podso said...

It's amazing how much we come to appreciate something that we normally take for granted, once we lose it for awhile! Glad things are back to normal.