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Monday, September 24, 2012

THE Chair

Everything at Linderhof has a story -- or almost everything.    We remember the place we found our treasures and how much they cost.    They're not just pieces of furniture but memories!

The chair -- many memories

Last September we made our first trip to New England.    We fell in love with Route 20 in Upstate New York.    A scenic drive with enough antique shops to make the drive even more interesting.

And at one shop, there was a chair.

I looked.   I sat.   I debated.   I walked the store some more thinking.
And my "better sense" got a hold of me -- for I had "no place" for the chair.
And so I left it!

When you buy antiques, you often have to make an immediate decision as to whether to purchase an item or not.
For if it is a tag sale or estate sale, it won't be there tomorrow.    And antique shops or consignment shops often have a good turnover of merchandise.

Because of that, I've bought things I've regretted.   A "why did I buy that!"
But I knew it was because I was caught up in the "now or never" moment.

But because of those "shouldn't ofs", I've left items I should have bought!

That chair was the latter!

Fast forward to 2012.    We plan a vacation to Cape Cod.   Husband Jim decides to drive.   The route . .  Why Route 20 in Upstate New York, of course.   I insisted.

And we wandered into that same antique shop.
I RAN to the place where I had last seen the chair a year ago.
And there it was!

I love a cane seated chair

Not quite in the same place, but almost and still for sale!

I told the owner that I had been here in September last year and that chair was for sale then.    It is now September 2012 and the chair is still for sale.   I am interested in the chair but could he give me a better price for it.

He agreed.

The chair was mine -- a year later after I first saw it!

I assume the gold paint is old

It's painted black and has gold painting -- not stenciling on the back

Even a small detail of painted leaves on the front of the seat.

And the front of the seat.

I fell in love with the birds last year . . . it is such an unusual chair.

Besides the gold there are a pair of birds -- fancy birds!

A year's wait but the chair is perfect in the Master Bedroom

It looks good in the place that I knew would be perfect for it.     The Master Bedroom.   It would have looked good there in September 2011!    But I couldn't figure that out then!    Only after I had been home for a while did I realize that I truly did have a place for the chair!


I'm grateful that I had a second  chance -- with antiques that doesn't happen very often!

I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday


Terri said...

You were one lucky lady! Love the chair!

Pearl said...

What a beautiful chair...

Greetings from Minneapolis,


LauraC said...

Beautiful chair! Love the painting. We own 2 much simpler cane-seated chairs that I have put away because I'm afraid for anyone to sit on them heavier than me (125lbs). We live not too far north of Route 20 in a suburb of Rochester NY.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

It was waiting for you to return!!!

Babs said...

Your chair is so sweet, it just sat there waiting for you. It was meant to be. :) Love the details. I don't blame you for buying it.

Sherry said...

What good luck!

I passed up four chairs in Colorado one time thinking that they would be perfect for the drop leaf table I intended to buy as soon as I found one. I found the table. The next year we took another trip to Colorado and made a point to go to the same antique store...the chairs were gone. sniff

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely chair!!! Love that it was still there...and for a better price...amazing!!! Truly another gem @ Linderhof!

sweet violets said...

What a great chair!!! I love Rt. 20, have traveled it for years now....

Southerncook said...

That chair was waiting for you to come back since it was YOUR chair and waiting to go home. Love your new chair and your trip sounds like you had so much fun. What an adventure.


Rose H (UK) said...

What a sweet chair Martha the painting on it is beautiful, glad it was still there for you :o) I wasn't so lucky last week, much the same story with a side table (where to place it?) I decided upon the perfect place overnight but when I went back it was gone...
Best wishes
Rose H

Lottie said...

Beautiful chair, Martha. It looks perfect in the bedroom!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh how beautiful! I am so glad that you found it again and brought it home. I love hearing stories like that.

Bookie said...

What a great story!

Pondside said...

You were meant to have that chair! I love a story like this....I'd have gone back too!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hooray for all the dopey customers who did NOT buy that chair, leaving it for Linderhof. It's adorable.

And Martha, can you tell me why I didn't take a look at that chair when your car was parked in our driveway? Driveways, in fact!

Dopey ME.

Martha said...

Firstly, it was buried by ALL the other stuff we had in the car!!! I wanted it in the back seat where we could whisk it out and show it off but alas, Jim INSISTED that it would ride better in the very back of the trunk.

Guess who won? You would have loved CHAIR in person!

podso said...

I love a story like this. Meant to be!