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Saturday, September 22, 2012

"The Out of Towners" or Two Rubes Navigate NEW YORK CITY!

We enjoyed our weekend at The Beach House with Cass and Howard.    

Southold Monday Morning

Southold is beautiful and the view from the porch sublime.     

And then Cass told us that in between Point A (Southold) and Point B (New Jersey) was a small 'burb called "New York"!     Gulp!

But we were armed . . .

Cass knew we needed detailed notes!

With copious notes from Cass

Very detailed notes!

Two pages!!!! . . . and . . .

We call our Garmin Miranda . . . (get it?)

Miranda (the Garmin) who as Howard knew insisted that we go through the heart of Manhattan and "The" tunnel! . . . and . . .

It was a small map in an Atlas but it had all the major roads -- and I CAN read a map!

A map and a navigator (me!!!)

On the Long Island Expressway (495) heading toward "the city"!

We were told not to go all the way on 495 -- it takes you through the heart of Manhattan -- NOT a good thing!

And we did a fine job . . . until . . .we got a call from Cass who said that we needed to do a "Plan B" for the Cross Bronx Expressway had a bad wreck and traffic was tied up for miles.    (on the prairie, we're never tied up for miles!)    So we took the alternate route with verbal instructions from Cass and the trusty map and navigator.    (All the while, Miranda is trying to take us through the heart of Manhattan -- we weren't listening to her!)

And all went well until . . .

108th Street is forever etched in my memory!   -- That's NOT a good thing either!

this exit -- which we took but instead of right on the Grand Central Parkway I had Husband Jim go left onto 108th Street (I think it was the voice of Miranda saying "left", "left", "left" in my ear but Husband Jim thinks it is because I'm not the best navigator!)

And after several blocks on 108th street, we did get turned around and back to the point that we could take the Grand Central Parkway to the RFK Bridge (the old Triboro Bridge -- well, it's the same bridge -- RFK is the new NAME and Triboro is the OLD name)

I like to think that we got on track because of map and navigator -- it certainly wasn't because of Miranda!    And like so many interstates that really go north and south but the signs say east and west, I, the navigator was able to figure out which one to take and so . . .

In person and in real life!

We got to see the first view of the Manhattan skyline!

Probably the most photographed skyline!

Breathtaking -- especially to the Rubes from Kansas!

Our first New York City bridge

The RFK Bridge -- on the way to the GW one.    They charge you for crossing bridges in New York.   On the prairie they're free!!!!

Jim's a little more relaxed -- for we're almost done!

More skyline as seen from the car . . . on Husband Jim's side and on the bridge -- still breathtaking for us prairie folk!

Yankee Stadium

And we passed the iconic Yankee Stadium.     A stadium of legends for I remember watching many a world series game played in this stadium when I was a child.

Our destination finally reached . . .

That Old House!!!!


Rebecca said...

Ahhhhh. "That Old House" looks mighty fine to me!

There ARE a few things in NYC I'd like to see - one of them being Central Park. Maybe SOME day.

Ruthie Miller said...

Good job!! Hope you enjoyed our Northfork. I live one little town away from Southold and Southold is where Lady B lives. Small world. Maneuvering around Manhattan is no easy thing. Feather in your cap.
Ruthie from :

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well, Ruthie, Martha and Jim passed OVER Manhattan on the GWB -- I am not so mean as to take them thru Manhattan.

And Martha dear, I hate to disillusion you but the Yankee Stadium you saw is not the one you remember hearing about -- this one is almost brand new, built on a site next to another one that was still not the one you remember.

Same general location -- not the same stadium!

We had such a great visit with the Linderhoffers ... and I'm sure that visiting Fort Scott KS would not involve as many cars or toll bridges!

And now I'm off to church -- Cass

On Crooked Creek said...

You did a MAGNIFICIENT navagational job, dear friend!!! What a wonderful trip getting to see and visit Cass @ That Old House!!! When I do the "map reading"...I have to turn it upside down and sideways...always askew! Glad you're home safe and sound! I'll be watching with anticipation when Cass makes her visit to the Eastern Prairie!!!

lindaraxa said...


You sound like Dorothy!

Yes driving thru Manhattan can be frightening to first timers but least you didn't have to drive TO Manhattan!

Can't wait 'til you are back in the prairie safe and sound.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

OMGosh you are brave. I navigated my hubby in Omaha once and we ended up in Iowa. We recently survived Denver where the speed is 55 but everyone is driving 70. You did good!!!! Great to say you've done it and seen it.

I must back track in your posts.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Gosh, Martha, I was on a tour bus and you did as well as they did! NYC fabulous! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Lucky us! xxoo Nancy

Barbara said...

Have been through that tunnel and it was the first time we ever came in contact with guys wielding their brooms and wanting to wash the windscreen. The American friend who was with us said 'don't open your windows' !