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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dog 0 - Squirrel 1

We feed the birds at Linderhof
Summer and winter
Spring and fall

But with the birds also come squirrels
They're greedy little rodents
And will sit and eat until the feeder is empty.

And what was one squirrel has now turned into FOUR!

What we usually do is let them eat -- SOME.
Then we used to let Oliver out and up the tree they went
and if he stayed out for a while
it kept them away
And the birds could continue to feed

Oliver passed the torch to Dolly.
Her job, now,  is to chase the squirrels away.

Except . . .

Dolly sees squirrel at the feeder.

She gets a whiff of squirrel.

Yes, that's what it is, all right -- a squirrel!

But it isn't running!

C'mon, squirrel, let's have a little action.

A little bark -- but the squirrel isn't moving.

I can almost "taste" the squirrel -- so close but yet so far.

I see it but I don't think the squirrel sees me.

The squirrel continued to feed
oblivious to the dog
or rather knowing the dog was there but knew that the dog couldn't get squirrel.

The score as I see it is:

Dog - 0
Squirrel - 1

Eventually, the squirrel tired of the game or had eaten it's fill
And it jumped to the table and then to a tree
And away it went.

Dolly barking and following it on the ground.
I'm sure in her mind, she felt that SHE chased the squirrel from the feeder.

But we all know the truth!


Jocelyn said...

We battled the squirrels until I was tired of putting out the seed for them. I bought a baffler at the Bird Feed store and that is the only thing that keeps them out of the feeder. It attaches to the bottom of the feeder on the pole and the squirrel can't get around it. You do have to put your feeder in a location where they can't jump to it. They are crafty little critters.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That is a confident squirrel!

Bookie said...

Cute story! Those squirrels are brazen! After we lost our dog, the squirrels nearly ran us out! Ate my flowers, knawed on the deck boards and rails, etc. This summer there seemed to be a few less...will see what fall and autumn bring! Tell Dolly not to lose heart!

Rose H (UK) said...

It's a deaf squirrel! LOL.
Rose H

Veronica said...

Martha, the squirrels in my yard totally ignore my dog...they are so bold this year! When he runs after them, they run a short way up the tree and as soon as he turns his back they come back down and just hang around. Ornery little buggers! LOL

Pondside said...

We humans think that we are the superior species - but maybe, just maybe it's the squirrels!

Southerncook said...

Glad to see that Dolly has taken over Ollie's job but she needs to be more aggressive. That squirrel has been watching for a long time it would seem to see just what he could get away with. Cute pics.


Bernideen said...

This was my 4th year to have a flower garden - before that Windsor Bear ruled the yard and no squirrel could step inside...Dolly and he would have been great friends! The day after he went to Doggy heaven - they were in the first I hated them but gave up and joined in....peanuts and you're right - I wish they would leave the bird seed alone.

Blondie's Journal said...

I think squirrels can be oblivious to anything when they come across food! This is the time for the invasion of the little critters for us as the walnuts are falling off the trees in our backyard. My Milo is determined to catch one and gives them quite a run for the money! I have seen a lot of "squirrel proof" feeders in some of my gardening magazines. But then again you might deprive Dolly of her new source of entertainment!


Beth said...

Martha, I am sorry that you lost Oliver but glad Dolly came into your life.
I enjoyed seeing these pictures and reading it made me chuckle a bit.