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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lazy Days Are Sundays?

I look forward to Sundays
Sundays are lazy days
No chores, really
No responsibilities, usually
No meetings, ever

And so today . . .

Red, white and blue

I harvested the saffron
Those little "red" bits on the blue and white plate
Saffron costs $5,000 plus per pound or a little over $300 an ounce 
There is maybe $15 worth on the plate!

At a pinch a recipe, it should make at least two dishes!

After harvesting, I hurried into the kitchen to make

Not real strudel but easy strudel made with film dough

Two apple strudels for

With the German heritage of the Lutheran Church, the congregation thought  an Oktoberfest was a great theme for a community feed.

Our Church's Oktoberfest

But after the strudel was done and before I had to leave for church to do my "shift",
I planted

Pansies and new gloves!

A flat of all pansies

Can you see the face?   Two eyes and a mustache or beard.

These lovely yellow ones with little brown faces.   Not a huge pansy but not a viola either.
The yellow color looks fallish and I think that the yellow flowers should be a bright spot this winter

Love the rustiness of the hypertufa.   Made not by me but bought at an garage sale in the city -- for pennies!

A hypertufa trough -- whose summer flowers were casualties of the drought.
It's been empty most of the summer!

One of my favorite planters.   It always looks good no matter what I fill it with!

A favorite planter now empty because the begonias have come inside for the winter
And I felt pansies would be a prettier option than the evergreens that will all too soon 
fill pots who's plants were lost to the first frost.

And when I'm in the garden, I always have a helper . . .

When a squirrel decides that a dog is no threat, they calmly go about what they were doing.    It makes the dog bark even more!

Who was distracted because a squirrel was just outside her reach and no matter how long and how hard she barked . . . it just sat and ate.

"You may be bigger than me.   But there is a fence  between us.   I can sit here and eat my fill and you can't get at me!   Ha!"

Who wanted to know who that neurotic short animal was who pierced the peace and quite of the afternoon.

It's Monday and my planter transformation is for Met Monday with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch


Alicia said...

I cannot believe that Saffron is that expensive! I know that my Aunt Nico used to use Saffron in a dry rub that she made that was used by all her sisters and nieces to make pastas.

I wish I liked gardening, I've tried but it just seems like a lot of work, but yours is very pretty and obviously you love it.

Rowan said...

This is the second post I've seen about planting winter pansies - I must put some on my shopping list. The apple strudel looks good!

podso said...

I do love that color pansy! About time to plant them here, but we have to be sure the heat is gone.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I love to plant pansies in the Fall! If our winter is mild they will last into the Spring.I have read saffron was the world's most expensive spice. I didn't know it came from a flower. Your strudel looks delicious!

On Crooked Creek said...

Your strudel looks divine!!!
We dog sat part of the weekend and granddog, Roscoe had two squirrel encounters! The first, he chased first and barked...the squirrel fled! The second, he was as still as a statue, the squirrel inched his way down the tree and across the yard to the fence when Roscoe bounded rom the deck. No barking from Roscoe...the squirrel chatted all the way up the tree and out of the yard! "Mr.Ed" and I are so~o~o easily entertained!!! Ha!