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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Workhorse of a Table

Years ago, Husband Jim decided that we needed a game table for the living room
A table where we could play cards with friends
With chairs all around.

And I agreed for I thought it would be great to be able to play cards
in the living room
Our only other table was the dining room one!
And that was not a good table for card playing.

Friend Shirley Ann and I went to Kansas City one February
Ages ago.
And stopped by one of the Bombay Company stores
where we found 

This little table.
Which both of us thought was a perfect game table!
It can be stored as a "half table" against the wall, taking up very little space,

It's our way to create an "entry" at Linderhof
the table and two chairs.
The tabletop is simple . . . 
A Mah Jong set (which also holds bridge supplies)
And a lamp -- which is our "night light" when we're gone.

For if we want to use the table . . .

The Mah Jong set fits nicely on top of the Asian cabinet


The lamp can be put on top of the sideboard.

And in winter, one of our favorite ways to use the table

Is for dinner.    With a fire in the fireplace, it's a cozy spot to dine.
With tablecloth and cloth napkins, of course.

And lamplight instead of candlelight
And flowers . . . garden mums

But it's original (and first) purpose was as a game table

With two chairs "borrowed" from the breakfast room, it makes a great table for a bridge game.

But unlike most game tables, this one will also

Seats 8 for dinner!

The table goes from this to

in a matter of minutes!

What a great metamorphosis is that.

The table originally retailed for $600
But the table I brought home was a floor model
And I got it for $200
There was also a promotion between Bombasy and Godiva Chocolates
If you bought $50 worth of merchandise at Bombay you got free Godiva Chocolates.
I pointed out that I had spent four $50 and I should get four free chocolates.
They agreed.

It was a very good buy indeed!

* * * * * *

Dolly is an energetic girl who constantly wanted in and out.
We soon tired of going to the back door to let her in or out
So . . . 
we bought a "doggy door"

It took her about 3 days to get used to it
But sometimes she'll wait patiently for us to give her "permission"
to go in or out.

Othertimes she bounces in and out 

And today . . .

She couldn't decide if she wanted to go out or not.
So she stood there -- half in and half out
while she made up her mind!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Met Monday


Deb said...

What a fun post. Love the table. It is so useful and I feel great furniture needs to have a purpose. Your bookcase...oh my goodness. Gorgeous! Dolly would certainly hesitate to go out here today. It's getting cold. Hugs, Deb

On Crooked Creek said...

What a bargain shopper you are,dear friend! I'd love to go table shopping with you and receive as many chocolates!!! Ha! The table is a very versitle table, indeed!
Loved the doggy door antics of Dolly! Something tells me there's a squirrel in the garden! Have a blessed week, dear friend!

Canadian Chickadee said...

The table is perfect! I miss Bombay Company, and have a quite a few things I bought there over the years.

And I love the picture of Dolly. My daughter has corgis, and they really are the dearest little dogs. Dolly likes the one my daughter had a few years ago, named Holly, because they got her around the holidays.

Have a great weekend. Take care and God bless.

Canadian Chickadee said...

Oops, sorry. Meant to say Dolly looks like Holly! Not Dolly likes Holly!

Pondside said...

Such a cute ending you to today's post! Your games table is, indeed, a workhorse - from cards for four to dinner for eight!

Pat said...

I am always glued to your posts when you show the inside of your home. SO classy, yet comfortable looking. I remember the Bombay stores, my favorite. Your little corgi has obviously mastered the door. I am afraid to have a doggy door due to chipmunks and opossums.

william said...

Hi, Martha, what a fun post and such a cool table. It fits perfectly in your home. Dollie is so cute! She and Lucky are just alike. He loves to go to the door and stand in the doorway with the door open, just checking it all out.


Michelle said...

What a great table! Funny about the chocolates...and Dolly keeping her tush warm while she peeks outside!