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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Frank's Giving Day

Dolly took over my computer today -- she is so excited for she's heard about this magical day and wanted to share -- for all of her doggie friends who may not have heard:

I am so excited about tomorrow.

For Ollie told me about the legend of Happy Frank

He shared with me this message
that he received from his friend Dion,
the Cavalier that lived with Cass and Howard at That Old House.

The message as Ollie gave it to me -- as Dion gave it to him

"Hello, my Doggy Friends!

It's Dion and I want to share some wisdom with you.

Back right after the world began, which was when I was born, I found out about a
magical being named Happy Frank.    Every year, on the last Thursday in November,
this magical being brings gifts and presents and sometimes even freeze-dried liver
to lucky dogs.    Lucky dogs who are GOOD!

This being is named Happy Frank, and that's why the last Thursday in November is

I have been very very good since I came to Linderhof

I'm a squirrel watcher extraodinaire

I watch them all the time and make sure that they don't  do anything they are supposed to.

I am a protector of our Fort.    I let no squirrels get past the line I've drawn in the ground!
Keeping the grounds of the Fort safe for visitors
(for who wants to be attacked by a squirrel!)

I don't get on the furniture -- by myself
Sometimes HE puts me up so he can do a better job at a massage.

Okay, so I do hang around at meal time -- for a morsel or two
(he's a pushover -- she -- not so much)

But who can resist this?

I'm a good dog, really I am, ever since I came to live at Linderhof.
I got in the trash only once . . . just once
And took my treasures to my favorite places in the house.

I was told that it wasn't "done" and Ollie confirmed it --
Linderhof corgis do not get in the trash -- no matter how tempting.

I pointed out, however, that if it weren't for trash, I may not be alive.
The 10 days I was dumped and alone, rummaging through trash for food morsels
kept me alive.

But I learned -- no trash digging and I just did it that once --
just that once.

So I am hoping that Happy Frank will visit on Thursday.

I asked Ollie what he looked like and he didn't know.

I thought perhaps he may be a corgi named Frank

who shares his treats.    But Ollie said "no".

So I'm thinking that Happy Frank

May look like the uprights

And in the middle of the night

leaves treats in empty dog dishes.

I hope so.

That come Wednesday night

that Happy Frank will visit Linderhof

And leave me a treat.

Like a good dog,

I'll go to bed early and sleep soundly.

I'm sure there will be a treat Thursday morning, don't you think?



Carol at Serendipity said...

Love it. Have a a wonderful day!


lindaraxa said...

You both have outdone yourselves...what a cute and original post.

Martha and Dolly I am so glad you have found each other. That is something so precious and unique to celebrate. You deserve it.

Lucy Westie and I wish you the best and many many years of happiness!

Bernideen said...

Very fun! Loved the "go to bed early photo".

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So, so cute. Surely there will be a treat!

Happy Frank's Giving.

On Crooked Creek said...

I'd say Dolly was a supberb student of Ollie's...and I'm thinking there just might be a very special "treat" and one very thankful corgi come Thursday morning!!!
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, dear friend!