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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Traditions

Besides Thanksgiving and turkey traditions
November holds traditions of it's own.
For years it was the month that we shelled a big bag of pecans for winter baking
(Now I buy big bags of shelled pecans at Costco!)

But it's still the month we make pomanders

A big bowl of oranges from he market,
a big bowl of cloves
And my old ice pick
are the tools I need to make pomanders

I buy bag oranges -- they are cheaper
And grocery store cloves -- sometimes I'm lucky and can find them in a bigger bag
If not, several of the little jars come home with me.

This year

Seems the German pyramid has made it's way up from the basement to the breakfast room table --the only part of Christmas that has come out of hiding so far!

The sunny breakfast room
was the perfect place to make pomanders

My first one -- half done!

In between baking cookies, dinner and television watching, I managed to 

get five done before I ran out of cloves.
Sigh -- back to the market today!

And dinner?
It's November --
It's after Thanksgiving
Shouldn't it be turkey?

Turkey and noodles -- one of my favorite turkey leftover dishes.
This year I roasted the carrots, celery and onion and added shards of garden sage.
Husband Ji thought it was the absolute best!
And I thought it was pretty tasty as well.

(For those of you out there who think noodles are a part of Thanksgiving Dinner, they're not at Linderhof --
they're one of the after Thanksgiving dishes that help use up the leftover turkey!)

The pomanders?
They're just half finished
For after all the oranges are filled with cloves,
They're dunked in a mixture to cure.

Besides great Christmas decorations,
they make good gifts,
and they're also good to stick in drawers
to scent "unmentionables", socks and such.

I still have some I made "eons" ago
For they do last although I have found that their scent diminishes over time.

The "secret" dunking mixture?

More spices. 

I just put it in a bowl on the kitchen counter and add the pomanders.
The fragrance reminds me so of Christmas!


1/4 c. ground cinnamon
1/4 c. ground cloves
2 T. ground nutmeg (it doesn't have to be freshly ground!)
2 T. ground allspice
1/4 c. powdered orrisroot*

Mix all together, roll cloved balls in mixture and allow to cure (harden)
* if you can't find orrisroot, you can omit it -- it just makes the scent last longer.


Bookie said...

I never knew about the curing of these items...interesting!

Lottie said...

Oh Martha, we love turkey with noodles! Thank you for the pomander recipe, too!

lindaraxa said...

Martha to the rescue,

I have about five of these waiting to be decorated with the cloves. Had no idea about the curing. Boy this is going to be an expensive proposition. Have you checked the cost of spices?! maybe I will need to make another Costco run!!! how many do you make?

lindaraxa said...


Do you make the dried orange slices to hang on the tree? I tried making some yesterday and it was a complete disaster.

On Crooked Creek said...

Remember making these during my Elementary years...think MoMa threw mine out as soon as she put away the tree! Ha! It didn't look nearly as nice as yours, dear friend!

Zane Wooder said...

I just want to take those oranges and squeeze all the liquid of them. I love fresh squeezed orange juice.