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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving for Two . . . On A Sunday

Sunday Lunch
That's what they called it in England --
the Sunday midday meal.
Taken often in a pub
It was the Sunday Roast --
chicken, pork or beef
served with potatoes, vegetables and sauce
(apple for the pork/horseradish for the beef
and we never ordered chicken but I'm sure it came "sauced" as well)

Taking a cue from our English sojourn
Sunday, after the real Thanksgiving was a mere memory
After the Sarah and her Andy left for the North

I set the table in the dining room

For two -- just Jim and I
A lace tablecloth, the blue and white bowl full of pumpkins, gourds and leaves

My Spode Festival and my everyday cutlery
white linen napkins in silver rings

For I had roasted a turkey breast . . . 

And mashed potatoes and roasted butternut squash
All put on my new Spode Festival tray

And we sat down to a Thanksgiving dinner
complete with dressing, cranberry sauce
and gravy -- in my new Spode Festival gravy boat.

Alas, no hot rolls and no pumpkin pie
And we really didn't miss either!


I did it for one reason and one reason only . . . 

When you're company you often don't have the opportunity
to have the evening
turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and mayonnaise
washed down by an icy glass of milk.

Served on one of two (but I hope to remedy that in the future)
Myott's Queen's ware Thanksgiving salad plate.

It was superb!!!


Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful! Your table looks so lovely, and the food was perfect! It was just us two as well. When I asked my honey ahead of time what he wanted for dessert, thinking pie or cake or something...he said Hagendaz bar! So...that's what we had. A real treat! And of course the treasured turkey sandwich in the evening. Lovely!

Priscilla said...

You are so right. Leftovers are THE best part of Thanksgiving dinner.
We used to have some friends that where obliged to go to relatives for Thanksgiving dinner. We always had them to "Saturday Leftovers". It became a yearly event until we both moved away.

On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely tablesetting and the menu sounds divine! Alas, there were only enough left~overs here for one meal of turkey soup this year! We'll rememdy that next year when we host here On Crooked Creek!!!