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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Books

It's the first week of December
And time for the Christmas books to make an appearance

They long ago got taken off of real book shelves
They took up too much valuable real estate
And so they were put away
To be brought out in December

Stacks of them

Big Stacks of Them!

With smaller books on the table between the chairs.

We've been buying Christmas books for a long time
Those annuals put out by Victoria (the first Victoria), Southern Living, 
and books by Martha Stewart and Mary Carol Garrity (Nell Hill's)
Cookbooks, Reading Books, Decorating Books

Full of new recipes to try
New ways to decorate a mantle
New Christmas crafts to pursue

And some are just for reading
even if they contain recipes, home decor or crafts.

Today the books came out . . .

And my favorite?

Christmas Memories with Recipes

I'm not sure of when it was published -- but Martha Stewart was just starting out -- she was billed as Martha Koystra Stewart.    
There are other well known to me now chefs as well
And I enjoy reading their Christmas stories and seeing their menus.

I read the stories over and over again!

It's like old friends come to visit me in December!

I leave the books upstairs in the sunroom,
and perhaps go upstairs a little early to read a book or two before bedtime.

Afternoon tea, too, is often taken in the sunroom
for when I'm alone, my afternoon tea companion is always a book.

Will I add a new one this year?

I'm not sure for I've looked at them
(and I did add Nigella's Christmas book last year)
but haven't found any yet that are as good as my old friends.
And if I buy any more books, the stack is really going to get teetery!

Their time is short but they are enjoyed the month 
that they are out.

And I don't feel that a pile of books by a chair in a room with bookcases is a "mess"
I think it's character!


LauraC said...

I have a stack of Christmas books too. Most of them are children's books that I have saved for my non-existent (so far) grandchildren. That does not stop me from putting them out each year. My favorite is one I loved as a child-"Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree." Another is "The Christmas Bear" that my 21 year-old daughter requires her father to read to her each year. He cannot do it without his begging and pleading not to, and he almost can't read it, he claims to hate it so much! ;) Ha! She forces him to!

william said...

I got out "The Night before Christmas" for the coffee table! I love children's Christmas books too.


Pondside said...

I have a collection of Christmas Annuals and other Christmas themed book that I, too, take out at this time. My favourites are the children's books and I have been collecting all of the books illustrated by Jan Brett - The Mitten, The Stocking etc

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I love Christmas books and bring them out every year too, but you beat me to it this year...Mine are not all cookbooks but there are several of those in the pile too....

Life has such abundance, and we are so blessed. I wish everyone would be. You certainly bless your readers with the abundance in your life, Martha.

On Crooked Creek said...

I L O V E books!!!
Haven't gone to a NOOK yet, as I love all the sensory fellings I get when I read a book!!!
Martha Stewart was (and still is) my favorite! I adored her magazine when she had control and her story at the end of each volume!!!
Only 20 more days. . .EnJOY your stack of "Great Reads"!!!

Lottie said...

Martha, I'm very jealous of all your Christmas books. I have a few favorite cook books with recipes I use every Christmas, but really wish I had started a collection from years past. Maybe I will start a new tradition this year... Hope you have a great week!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I love piles of books as well, Martha! Fun to get them out and peruse with a cup of herbal tea! xxoo Nancy

Bernideen said...

Love your Christmas Cookbook Collection!