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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis the Season to Gift . . . and be Gifted!

It's the Season to Gift
And be Gifted!

Gifts can be big (in either size or cost)
or gifts can be small -- a remembrance, actually.
Gifts can be bought
or gifts can be homemade.

A homemade gift for a friend this year

Herbal butters in English egg coddlers.    Once the butter is gone, the coddlers can either contineu to be used for butter or jam at the breakfast table or they can be used for their intended purpose -- coddled eggs!

Once filled with softened butter, mixed with herbs (one rosemary/one thyme) and a pinch of Maldon sea salt, 

We put a tag on it -- so that the recipient would know what was inside.
And to make the tag even more special, we glued a piece of herb to the tag.

We put the lid on the coddlers, added the tag and they were ready to go into a gift sack for delivery.

We were busy in the kitchen today . . . for we made miniature loaves of pain d'epices to be used for gifts 

We made a batch of peppernuts.
Sacked and ribbon tied to be given to my Bible Study friends tomorrow.
A tag awaits!

and lastly, gifts are often store bought

And wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon and a bow.
This gift is for friend Shirley Ann -- for we're celebrating our Christmas tomorrow.
I'd tell you what is in the package, but she reads Lines from Linderhof and I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Our Christmas Tradition is a trip to a town near or far that has a tea room and an antique mall and flea markets.     We shop, we lunch, we exchange gifts and then we shop some more.

We get together often, but our Christmas get-together is always the most fun.
But both she and I adore Christmas
And both she and I adore presents!

A day of baking doesn't mean that Linderhof's larder is empty


Bookie said...

What a clever use for egg coddlers! I have a small collection of them and I never thought of doing something like this. And I love your Christmas tradition.....

On Crooked Creek said...

I adore the idea of herbal butters in the egg coddlers! I purchased a set for my MoMa when we were stationed in Germany. Since I don't prepare eggs in them, they sit unused in the china cabinet. Have an enJOYable day with friend, Shirley!!! Our support from friends is the one gift we give ourselves!!!

Pondside said...

Your idea for herbal butter in an egg coddler is just brilliant! I haven't used my coddlers for some time - probably the last time I saw one featured on your blog!