Gardening, Cooking and Decorating on the Prairie of Kansas

Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year


We at Linderhof
wish you and yours
a very very 
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - The Year In Review

Every afternoon at Half Past Three
We stop for a cup of tea
And often a nosh
Join me month by month
as we enjoy our Afternoon Tea


Tea in the breakfast room
Bernideen's Tea Treats for a nosh
Tea served in Weldon Ware


Tea again in the breakfast room
Scones for tea
With the Johnson Brothers Indies
Sadly, most lost when a shelf in the sideboard collapsed.
Thankfully, the wee teapot which I bought over 20 years ago
on a trip to England was stored elsewhere.
One cup survived . . .
And I've yet to replace.


An Easter tea
Macaroons and macarons
I baked both!
Tea for one with bunnies for company!
Blue and white china, of course!
And colorful cookies!


Compant for tea in the living Room
The Wheldon Ware
And some new tea treats
Cinnamon spirals
The Company pronounced them very good!


Tea in the breakfast room
Muffins and a pot of Earl Grey
Tea served in the blue and white, of course!
It's May and flowers are on the table!


It summer
(or almost)
And the tea is iced!
Flowers on the table
and a lemon, thyme, rose, lavender cake for a teatime treat!


Daughter Sarah's raspberries made some wonderful bread
Perfect nosh for an afternoon tea
Blue and white china, of course!


The sunroom
With my collection of Asian inspired china
and lemon blueberry scones for tea


A cream tea for a dear friend
who watered my thirsty plants
while we went north and visited grand girl Lucy

Real Devonshire cream 
Strawberry jam
Freshly Baked Scones
And blue and white transfer ware, of course!


With autumn's chill, there's a fire in the fireplace
Making the parlor a perfect place for tea.
Everything fits on one tray
and we sit by the warming fire
As we sit Harney's Hot Cinnamon Tea and munch on tea cake.


My beloved blue and white sets the table for tea in the sunroom
The teapot, however, is a new one
A gift from friend Bernideen
(to compensate for the loss of my Johnson Brothers Indies earlier in the year)
Bright orange blossoms bring fall indoors
And meringues to munch on


We always have a special tea on St. Nicholas Day
A treat of a cake from favorite bakery, Wolferman's
And the Christmas china
With a Fitz and Floyd Saint Nicholas presiding over the table
set for tea in the breakfast room.

I enjoyed sharing tea with you.
Come back in 2014 and see what's on the tea table

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Christ Candle

It's the First Sunday After Christmas . . .
And so today we light the
Christ candle
That's the big 
candle in the center 
of the Advent Wreath

And since it is Sunday
it's time for tea!

In the breakfast room
with the Advent Wreath
And the poinsettia that was on the dining room table.
It does bring a spot of Christmas red to the breakfast room!

And for tea treat?
The last of the Christmas mince pies!

Alas, our Christmas dishes are washed and put away
"for a long winter's sleep"
To be gotten out next year
on the First Sunday of Advent

But since it is still a special tea
We're using our "very best" blue and white dishes
Spode's Camilla with a gold rim

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Our First Christmas

Well, not our first
but grand girl Lucy's first!!!

Dressed in a proper outfit
(for the hat announced that it was "Baby's First Christmas")

And Christmas morning we opened presents
as we munched on Kringle, Stollen 
and had mugs of freshly brewed coffee

Lucy and I

Exchanged Christmas ornaments
Hers to me . . .

And mine to her!

And then there were the dogs . . .

Dolly's maternal instinct game forward
And felt that Lucy was deserving of a corgi kiss!

While Doogie thought she was a nuisance and spent most of Christmas
under the afghan on the sofa!

After the ribbons and boxes and paper and tissue were disposed of
(paper to the trash, ribbons and boxes and tissue upstairs to be used next year)
We had Christmas Dinner

The last appearance of the Christmas China
On Christmas Day

We've "toyed" with different menus  . . .
And this was the second year we had

The roasted pear salad -- the center stuffed with bleu cheese, cranberries and nuts
Daughter Sarah and I agreed that two years makes a tradition
and so this is our Christmas Dinner salad!
from now on out!!!

And a long time ago, we came upon this recipe 
And we've fixed it many past Christmases

It's a cornbread and Andouille sausage dressing
Which everyone just adores

And, of course, there needs to be a vegetable . . .

Roasted Brussels sprouts

And the star of the show is neither a turkey or a goose,
but rather

A roasted pork loin with a wine plum sauce

And, of course, Husband Jim brought up a good bottle from the cellar

Dessert was Daughter Sarah's request

Sticky Toffee Pudding
And we all agreed that it will be the Christmas dessert

In fact, we all agreed that this will be our traditional Christmas dinner from now on --
It was that good!!!

Table cleared and dishes done, we prepared for the
"Sip and See"
that evening from 5 to 7
So friends of ours could see grand girl Lucy
For she's not been here before she was born

And if you come to Linderhof . . .

You must be fed!
Cookies and candies from the tins in the parlor
And a cheeseball (Ann's cheese ball -- the recipe I've had far longer than I've had Daughter Sarah!)
made especially for the party

And then . . . 
The day after the day after

Breakfast in the dining room

Toast and peanut butter
(The peanut butter, they brought --
The toast, I made)
The very best peanut butter
(but who wouldn't with brown sugar and honey and butter added to the peanuts!)
(We politely didn't clean the jar -- so that they could take some home!
I informed Daughter Sarah that perhaps a jar of that peanut butter should
be a traditional present for dear parents who didn't live near Minneapolis and Hell's Kitchen!)

And, also for Daughter Sarah

Baked oatmeal with sugar and cream to pour on top
Full of Christmas pears and the last palmful of dried cranberries

We lingered, we talked, we had just one more cup of coffee.
For we knew after breakfast that it would be time

To say goodbye!

And into the car they piled one and all
And with a wave as they drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good night"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We're Waiting . . .

It's Christmas Eve . . .

We've been to the service of Carols and Candles,

We've baked the last of the cookies

 And the mince pies

And delivered our gift trays of cookies

Our guest room is ready and awaiting
the arrival of Daughter Sarah and her Andy
and grandgirl Lucy

As we gather together tonight to wait once more . . .

for Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Angel's Candle

The Angel's Candle
The Fourth Advent Candle
Was lit today for Afternoon Tea

We missed church this morning
and the lighting of the Advent candles there
For it was cancelled
because of the snow and ice!

But we still have our Advent tradition at home

The Christmas china, a Christmas cake plate found last year
And cookies from Saturday -- 

Currant gingerbread (for it makes a lot)
and dried cherry brown sugar shortbread stars.

Stars because it is the Angel's candle!

When the fourth candle is lit,
Christmas is almost here.

We've been baking and cleaning and wrapping
to get ready for Christmas
and the arrival of our grandgirl, Lucy and her parents
on Tuesday night

The last of the cookies --
the cutout ones, frosted because Daughter Sarah and I prefer them that way
still need to be baked as does the gingerbread men.

On Tuesday, I'll join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday,  and Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Today was Christmas cookie baking day at Linderhof.
Cookies for tea
Cookies for gifts for our neighbors
Cookies for friends
Cookies for our "Sip and See" on Christmas afternoon

Doughs made and chilled

Let the baking begin!

Dried Cherry Brown Sugar Shortbread Stars

The cookie of many names:
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Swedish Tea Cakes
Russian Tea Cakes

 Currant gingerbread
A ginger cookie loaded with dried currants and full of spices
When it was baking it "smelled like Christmas"

Swedish Overnights
A simple coffee cookie
That looks so festive and Christmasy

And I do what my mother did with the cookies
Store them in tins
Most from Christmas befores fruitcakes
Separated with paper doilies
because they're round!

They're all good keepers and they look so pretty in the tins!

Cookies for friends --
Christmas is the season of sharing!

But . . . 

We did save a few for us!

It's Sunday and there is nothing more seasonal than Christmas Cookies -- I'm joining TheTablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Mix of Tartans

Our Christmas China
Royal Doulton's Tartan
I've always adored plaids

And this year's Christmas lunch for 
the Lunch Bunch
was a riot of tartans!

A lace tablecloth, the tartans and a blue bowl with a red poinsettia
which picked up the red in the plaids.

The poinsettia at the end of the table 
which I often do
when the centerpiece is too tall and there are only four guests.

All of the plaids have red hues

And in the center of the table
gifts wrapped in plaid
And give miniature loaves of pain d'epice tied with a plaid ribbon

The sun was shining on luncheon day
creating interesting shadows 

On the menu

creamy tomato soup with pesto
the red and green of the season

veal piccata, rice and roasted Brussels sprouts

And a chocolate cake for dessert
decorated with sugared cranberries and rosemary

And to keep us occupied while opening presents

A crystal compote filled with fudge
chocolate and pistachio and white chocolate fudge

Cut in wee pieces
We did have dessert, after all!

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