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Saturday, January 12, 2013

It May Be Winter Outside . . . But It's Spring Inside!

We live on the prairie
Weather can change almost minute by minute
In fact, a quote by Missouri's own "Mark Twain" is
if you don't like the weather in Missouri, wait a minute!

Yesterday it was in the mid 60's
Warm, way too warm for January
Today we awoke to a temperature in the 30's

And I think, the temperature went downhill from there.

And then it sleeted . . .

And then it snowed . . .

We were cozy and warm inside

And inside, it was Spring inside!

Tulips were some of the fresh flower offerings at the market
A bunch came home with me
And will weekly until our spring bulbs start blooming.

I simply adore tulips!

And . . .

The hyacinths have budded and soon will be in bloom.
Time to be the centerpiece on the breakfast room table.

Chilled bulbs, put in English forcing vases, their bloom and aroma remind us that Spring isn't all that far away!

And the paperwhites are also about to bloom.
Our first two pots.
Not used at Christmas . . . for to us they aren't Christmas flowers
but January ones
There's enough "bling" at Christmas and poinsettias add color
so paperwhites are saved for January.

These will be moved to tabletops so that we can enjoy both their bloom
And their aroma . . . for we like the fragrance of paperwhites!

And once the first batch starts to bud,
we start the next batch.
Two bulb bowls -- an open one and one with a top.    
Filled with tiny garden pebbles, we nestle the bulbs gently in the pebbles and then
add water to the base of the bulbs.
Put them in a warmish place and watch them grow!

We have one more bulb bowl and another package of bulbs.
We'll fill this one when the second batch starts to bud.
This is a special bowl
For it was my grandmother's
Every year, she filled it with paperwhite bulbs
She's the one who taught me to force bulbs for winter bloom.

At the instigation (and urging) of a Cavalier in New Jersey,

Dolly has decided that the sofa is a good place for a corgi to nap!

And I'm hosting a giveaway.
Not to celebrate anything
But because I found a "treasure" I wanted to share

A favorite cookbook author, one of my culinary heroes

Anna Pump

It's her second book complete with dust jacket.

Just leave a comment and I'll put your name in the drawing.
If you're a follower, I'll add your name twice.

It's The Loaves and Fishes Party Cookbook

(I'm not giving up my treasured copy, oh, no, it's one I found that I wanted to share!)

And each day that you make a comment, I'll add your name to the drawing!

It's Sunday and I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.     Of course, perhaps the snow outside is more seasonal than the blooming bulbs inside!


Connie said...

It looks like a delightful cookbook! Loved seeing Dolly in her comfy seat!

Connie in KC

Phyllis @Around the House said...

those bowls with lids for the bulbs are the cutest I have ever seen, where on earth did you find those, would love to have one to try and grow the paper whites, thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of them peeking their heads out...

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I was in Wegman's yesterday, and they had some crocus bulbs ready to bloom and I passed them up. What was I thinking? ;o)

I adore your bowls with the lids for the bulbs. My paper whites are done blooming, but next year I will make sure I buy enough to last through March.

Dolly is a sweetie! Thanks for the offer for the book.

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

After reading your story, I am sooo going to force bulbs in the house, instead of just planting them outside. Thanks for the story! New follower here also...

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Martha, I forced some paperwhite back in November, but they're long gone! Now after reading your post I will do it differently next year in order that I have blooms in January. Thanks for another chance at the wonderful cookbook.

Denise said...

Hi Martha,

Your rapidly changing weather is exactly like what we experienced on our England trip in March of that year. One day we actually had rain, thunder, sleet, and then sunshine. :)

I love all your forced bulbs and the various charming containers. Those English vases are amazing; I've never seen those before! I love the beautiful colors of the glass.

Next winter, I'm going to learn to do forced bulbs; a good indoor activity for winter. I love the picture of Dolly!

Have a great week, Martha!

Denise at Forest Manor

Bookie said...

Lovely to see your tulips this morning...nice reminder of brighter days coming. The rain, sleet, snow here last night was just enough to put a crimp in things....

On Crooked Creek said...

This mornings temperature on our side of the Praire...a whopping 14 degrees!!! I made bacon, egg and cheese croissants in the oven for breakfast just to add extra warmth to the kitchen!
I am quite smitten with your bulb forcing bowls! I haven't seen any like these before and will be watching for them at the lawn and garden areas in our area. Unique, indeed!!!
Thanks for sharing your lovely evolving blooms @ Linderhof. Pat sweet Dolly for me, too!!!

Babs said...

It's been in the 70s here in Georgia. Crazy Winter..maybe your cold weather is on the way here. I love to force bulbs and did some paperwhites for Christmas,although they would be nice for winter, too. You've inspired me to look for hyacinth. Oh, LOVE your bulb bowls, especially the one that was your grandmother's.

Sue said...

Please count me in! I love my visits to Linderhof, thanks for opening your home to us!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

I just love cookbooks! It's always nice to have a recommendation about a favorite cookbook from an excellent cook. I'll be searching for this one myself if I don't win your giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

Pondside said...

Oh I would like to try that book - but I'd also like to smell the perfume of hyacinths. Soon......!