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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January Change

There's always change afoot at Linderhof during January
For the fall and especially Christmas is a busy time
I like a tidy house and if something is misplaced . . .
well, it gets put "somewhere".

The somewhere either a closet a drawer or the corner cabinet!

Yesterday, I cleaned and straightened the corner cabinet
Removing all errant items
And rearranging the shelves a bit

Blue and white plates (all old)
My collection of soapstone carvings
And two reproduction birds because the bottom shelf needed some height
And in the back of the second shelf from the bottom
That "black" square is a square of tea
Which is one way tea used to be sold eons ago!

And although the shelves look good with the door open

The real test is with the door closed.
I think it passes muster!

And the planter in the main bathroom

Got moved to

The bottom of the stairs.
I hate to have a good window without a plant -- seems to me to be a waste of light!

You all may remember that my planter was a $5 Estate Sale find.
Bought because I love blue and white planters
And it was unusual -- I'd never seen anything like it before.

And when we lived in England that Spring
and visited Woburn Abbey Antiques Shop
What did I find . .  .

A twin!

Looking at the tag, I was pleased
It seems I made a "score" -- it was circa 1900!

And then I was gobsmacked
495 pounds (at that time around $800)
for my little $5 planter

With some thought . . . 

I felt it was time that this precious antique
got out of the bathroom
and played with the "big boys" downstairs!

The red pottery next to the blue and white cachepot is an English Royal Doulton gin jar -- 1800s which was a gift several years ago to Husband Jim who fell in love with it at an Antique Show that we went to in the city.      And in all of our antiquing in England, we didn't see many of them so perhaps they are rare.

I feel good that the corner cabinet is tidy once again -- both in the "upstairs" (the shelves behind glass) as well as the "downstairs" (the shelves behind drawers)

As is the big sideboard in the living room
It's a "hiding" place, too, when I'm cleaning and putting away in a hurry
"because company is coming over"!

Will they stay that way -- no
I know myself too well

But it is always nice when everything whether it is behind glass or behind drawers
are neat and tidy once again!

Oh, and the back of the tank is now empty . . .
I must do something about that --
It looks rather "nekkid"!


Schotzy said...

wHAt a find.... I love blue and white planters as well... Ive been looking for just the right one.... but I mUSt say $5 sounds much BEtter than $800!whew!!!

Bernideen said...

Everything looks wonderful and just sparkles!

Southerncook said...

Martha, your blue and white planter is just gorgeous and wow did you have an excellent "find". I am assuming that you passed on the twin? A clean house that is getting a deep clean does feel so very good, you are an inspiration.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Wonderful! I love your china cabinet. So pretty. And knew you had a goody when I spied the planter. What a great find!

Bookie said...

Your cabinet looks lovely, so organized. I have been doing similar things this morning myself! Have a good weekend....

Canadian Chickadee said...

It's definitely good to have a clear-out every now and then.

I've been clearing out cupboards because three special things I like to use at Christmas had all disappeared under the dreck. After a week of sorting and rearranging and taking stuff to Goodwill, they've all turned up.

One in particular was a real relief -- a small ginger jar with an English robin on it which was a gift from my beloved sister-in-law in England. Whew! I was afraid it had been lost forever.

Now I have to move on and do the rest of the house ... but maybe I'll stop and have a cup of tear (or two) first ...

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

This is the first house we've had with no bathroom window, in the main and ensuite. I'd love to have a plant on the back of the toilet. The new place by the window for your blue and white cachepot will have it noticed more perhaps.

Pondside said...

I love to have things organised and tidy after Christmas - it gives me such a feeling of 'fresh start'.
That little pot was certainly a wonderful find - you struck gold!

On Crooked Creek said...

I love your choice of treasures in the cabinet!!!
All too well, I understand the true test of when the doors are closed!!! I did a re~arrange and de~cluter On Crooked Creek yesterday, which took longer than planned because each time I closed the cabinet door, I had to move decor items to the right or to the left!!!
What a great Estate $ale find!!! I agree, it looks lovely on the stairs!