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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Birds and Lambs . . .

Easter Morning dawned a bit rainy
In fact, a storm blew through about 3 a.m.
But we were up early
Not for sunrise service
for our church doesn't do that
But instead for Easter breakfast
which our church does!

Our contribution
Mad the night before 
and refrigerated
to be baked off in the morning

Cheese danish
a Barefoot Contessa recipe

Breakfast was wonderful
As was the Easter service at church

Saturday, a friend and I went
as we call it.
We were on the hunt
And I did find a treasure!

The standing bird feeder "or bird table" as the Brits call them
we've had it a long time, it's seen better days and is a bit battered

It's in the herb garden
and the squirrels feeding have incited Dolly
who's destroyed the chives that normally grew there.

And yesterday . . .

I found a real English bird table
With a thatched roof!

For little of nothing.

I had seen them in England.
Adored them
But . . . 
a - they were too heavy to bring back
b - they wouldn't fit in the luggage
c - they were too expensive!

This one is English
the plaque says so
From Devon

Tied around the base is this tag from "Foxglove"
Which used to be an upscale garden/decor store in Springfield.
I've been once or twice
But it was pricey.
I looked on line but I couldn't find a site or address for it
so I would assume it's no longer in business.

How it got from Springfield, Missouri
with the Foxglove tag in tact, 
to Pittsburg, Kansas
I don't know.

But I'm glad it did.

And the price . . . 
A steal . . . 
A real steal of a deal!

Which is why we "junk"
For finds like this!!!!

We didn't place it in the same place as the other bird table
We want to replant the chives!
We've put it in a different place
to protect the herb garden
from a Dolly
who's mad for squirrels
And doesn't pay attention to what she steps on

Easter was a day of the lambs . . . 

For Easter Dinner
a rack which we split
risotta with spring onions and peas
and roasted asparagus


 For Easter dessert
My first attempt at a lamb cake
which turned out great, I think!

An Italian recipe
with flavorings of almonds and nutmeg
was fitting I thought
since at least half of Lent was spent in Italy.

A pound type cake
frosted with cream cheese frosting
and A shower of coconut
A real ribbon bow around it's neck
And currants for the eyes and nose

But . . .

I've come to the conclusion
That a half a lamb cake is rather sad, indeed!
There needs to be enough guests around the table
so that the lamb is eaten in one sitting!

I will make this again.
It's a new tradition at Linderhof!

As are the deviled eggs.
Made from the Easter eggs which we dyed on Saturday
I make them the same as my mother did and her mother before her
Mayonnaise and mustard (only mine is Dijon) and salt and pepper
Topped with paprika and a sprinkling of window chives

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday and Yvonne at Stone Gable for what's on the Menu Monday.


Blondie's Journal said...

What a wonderful find, Martha! My dog is mad for squirrels, too. Today we had one climbing on the window screen and I thought Milo was going to have a heart attack!

Your lamb cake is precious and I'm sure it tasted wonderful, too. We had the traditional ham (in our family) but my husband wanted a lamb I made him one. Not a fan myself but he enjoyed it!


Michelle said...

Happy Easter, Martha. Your lamb cake looks perfect. We made two this for us and another for a friend who is ill. Like your thatched roof bird table. Hoping spring is here to finally stay!
xo, Michelle

chateau chic said...

Your scrumptious looking food, from the cheese pastries, to the lamb dinner, and then the cake is making me very hungry! Beautiful presentation as well.
Mary Alice

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my, Martha, I'm in love with your thatched roof bird feeder. I would love one of those for my garden. The pastries look delicious, and your lamb cake is wonderful. I always enjoy checking out your fabulous food.

On Crooked Creek said...

Love the English Bird Table!
A "perfect" find for enhancing the already beautiful Garden @ Linderhof!!!