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Friday, March 22, 2013

Tea for the 4H

We've always supported the 4-H
It's an important part of our community.
We always sponsor a prize at the County Fair
in honor of our daughter.

So when friend Ann called and asked . . .
I said yes!

To what?
To giving a presentation on 
Afternoon Tea
to a group of 4Hers

The 4Hers listening to a presentation on etiquette before lunch.

And my presentation . . .

Set up after lunch

First a talk on kinds of tea,
three jars show white, green and black -- all brewed for the same 4 minutes
The plates show black tea, green tea, and teabag tea
Behind are the leaves after they're brewed

Then a talk on English afternoon tea
the accouterments of tea . . .
the toast fork, the mote spoon, the sugar spoon, the jam fork, the lemon fork . . .
and an American dessert fork and an English pastry fork
And a regular teaspoon and an English teaspoon

I can't do a program without a treat

And even though, the day started with cookies at life+style
And there was a large lunch including dessert,
And then the afternoon was going to be spent at Miss Jamie's and Commond Ground 
(food venues)
I didn't want the 4Hers to feel "peckish" that afternoon
so I had a ginger tea biscuit for everyone!

And it was a mad crush as everyone came to get their "biscuit"!

And besides many of the children coming up
and saying thank you,

Ann gifted me with . . .

Purple pansies in a K-State mug
Go Cats!!!!

They do play this afternoon . . .
And we're rooting for them!


Pat said...

Oh, I would have loved to hear your presentation on tea! I think 4H is such a wonderful organization. Why don't you make a series of posts on what you presented to the students?

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

That surprises me that a 4H group would have a presentation on tea - but I love the idea Martha.
The horticultural societies across Ontario are trying to work along with our 4H groups too.

Jaybird said...

What a great idea!! I just know I would have loved to be there to hear your presentation!!!
I did one on table etiquette for our foundation was a great group and amazingly, we ALL had fun!!
Blessings to you,