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Friday, July 12, 2013

Foodie Friday

It was a Foodie Friday today . . .

It's summer on the prairie
The tomatoes are starting to ripen
It's hot . . . too hot

So meals need to be easy
and light!

Everyone I know who watched the movie, Julia and Julie, wanted to make
 beef bourguignon
not I

It was the bruschetta . . . 

Farmer's Market tomatoes, basil from the garden
a bit of olive oil, a toasted baguette, and some sea salt

Husband Jim and I decided that a good bruschetta beats out a BLT for the best use of summer tomatoes!

The other dish
Is an adaptation of an appetizer that we had at Crooner's Restaurant last night
which, in fact, was an adaptation of a dish that owner Jim had
the restaurant owned by James Beard Award Winnter, Colby Garrelts

A simple appetizer
that Husband Jim fell in love with

Baguette, grilled (and sprinkled with salt and pepper), goat cheese drizzled with honey and with a sprinkling of thyme, prosciutto, and arugula

You spread some goat cheese on the baguette, add some prosciutto, and top with arugula

It was a great summer lunch
with fresh cherries for dessert!

And for our dinner dessert?

Ina Garten's honey vanilla fromage blanc with berries and peaches and a drizzle of raspberry sauce

A perfect dessert for a July night!


Lady Katherine said...

How delicious the food looks! I ADORE the blue and white tray

Rattlebridge Farm said...

This looks amazing!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

This looks amazing!

Pat said...

These dishes are perfect for a hot, hot day on the Prairie, dear friend!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!