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Sunday, August 4, 2013

A BIG Change in the Living Room!

Not paint
Not uphostery
Nor a new rug or curtains
And really, not even new furniture . . . 

At night I've been sitting and studying
Unhappy with the layout of the living room
I would figure something out
And push and pull furniture
into a different arrangement

And then I did this . . . 

The secretary in this corner of the living room

Was moved here -- by the front door
It had originally been there
And several years ago I moved it closer to the window so that when I wrote letters
or paid bills I could view the garden.

But then I moved it back
But really, it seemed a bit "crowded" in that area by the door.
Table and desktop
Too close together

So I traded again --
but not back to where it was 

I traded the clock for the desk
Looks better -- tabletop and then clock

It seems more spacious
For the clock's footprints are much smaller than the secretary
And I moved the umbrella stand (and dog leashes) 
closer to the front door

The secretary

Has it's own corner -- to the right of the sofa
And in case of lots of company
The chair can be swung around and used for extra seating.

Once again, I can gaze out at the garden as I pay bills,
write thank yous
or address birthday cards.

The living room

Clock on the left 
 wing chairs in front of the fireplace


desk on the left
easy chair in front of the fireplace
wing chairs on the other side of the room

And the view from the dining room

But moving the wing chairs
created a need

The wing chair on the left has a table to put drinks on
The wing chair on the right doesn't

I have a couple of blue and white Chinese garden stools in the basement
I thought for a quick "free" fix

But then I went out and about
to the flea markets and antique stores in town

I found the perfect little table for $15
It needs a little polish 

But the size is perfect
It doesn't really take up much room
But it's there
To put down a drink 
When you decide that you need both hands for the appetizer

And it's an interesting piece as well

For the little drawer is made from a cigar box
An old cigar box!

The bottom of the drawer still has the White Owl label.

Was it made long ago?
White Owls haven't been 5 cents since pre-1920.

Or is it more recent
And they found grandpa's old cigar box to use as a drawer?

It knows but it will never tell!

It is a homemade piece -- 
Either because someone like me needed a tiny table beside a chair
Or someone decided to make a tiny table for a shop project

Whatever the reason
Whatever the era
It is a perfect table

And I adore that the drawer was made from a cigar box
And that the paper on the box is still intact!

And the reason for the purchase?

To hold that drinks glass
And as you can see it works very very well.

It is Monday and my living room transformation is my "Met Monday" so I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Pondside said...

Well done! Your living room looks so very 'liveable'. I think it must be a good place for conversation over a drink or a cup of tea.

Martha said...

Ah, Pondy. I need to invite some friends for tea in the "parlor" this week, me thinks!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That little table is a treasurer! Love pieces with a unique feature.

Canadian Chickadee said...

I agree with Pondie. It looks very cosy and inviting. Good job! :) xoxox

Pat said...

Love the transformation!
Not only does the room appear lighter and brighter, but a sense of balance with the clock and secretary in their new positions!
My MoMa seemed to buy numerous tiny tables and cast~off chairs. . .I find myself doing the same.
With our water problems under control, I've been toying with the idea of a re~arrange on the lower level!!!
Thank you for the inspiration. . .perfect timing!!!

Southerncook said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the changes in the living room and the little table, PERFECT!!!!!


Bernideen said...

I adore tiny tables! You can put them in so many places and also small plant stands too!