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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Wealth Of Hydrangeas

Years ago I bought a flower carrier.
For the car
From Smith and Hawken, I'm thinking
It's copper

And has a reservoir for water
and a big bottom so it won't tip in the car.

It spends three seasons on the porch
Where it's easy to grab
If I'm off on a flower adventure
Whether a roadside pick
Or a supermarket run

It ensures the flowers come home fresh!

The latest flowers
Not picked from the roadside
Put picked from Trader Joe's

Snow white ones
And creamy pale blue ones

The white ones in a blue and white Asian vase in the living room

I adore white flowers in the house
And when I buy flowers I often select white ones
They seem to "radiate"!

The vase on an end table in the living room
Next to one of the wing chairs.

The creamy blue and white bouquet

was put in the old blue and white pitcher
For the breakfast room table

Where I created an arrangement

That pays homage to friend Joan at For The Love Of A House
I adored the silver tray full of "things" in her kitchen
I had all of the elements and so created my own.
Silver tray holding a blue and white pitcher of flowers,
two celery vases -- one with vases and one with forks
A small creamer filled with horn handled fruit knives and teaspoons
Salt and pepper in two blue and white salt cellars.

There are hydrangeas blooming outside as well.
Which is why there is a "wealth" of hydrangeas at Linderhof

We love hydrangea time.
Both inside and out!

It's Sunday and I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The flowers look good!
I've never seen a flower carrier like that one before. Love it!

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Wow, I love the flower carrier....I knew about putting a penny in the water but never thought of using a copper carrier or even a pitcher...thanks so much for the inspiration!

lindaraxa said...

I love hydrangeas. Ours are beautiful this year with all the rain. And that copper flower carrier, a real find. Love it!

Pondside said...

Who can resist hydrangeas? I am so happy that we have blooms now that we have a deer fence. For years the deer ate my plants down to stubs. The plant would come back only to be mown down again. I can't wait to have my own dried hydrangeas for winter arrangements.

Canadian Chickadee said...

I agree with you about white flowers. I think one of my favourite flowers is the white tulip. I usually buy them in the midst of winter, around Christmas and New Year's, for they remind me that spring will come again. I also like white orchids, and occasionally buy a small one to put on my desk. And creamy white roses and gardenias are the stuff of dreams ....


Denise said...

Hi Martha,

I never, ever tire of seeing hydrangeas, it seems. They really are the most wonderful flowers. Your tray vignette looks so pretty, and your home is lovely, as well.

Thanks for sharing with us and Happy Seasonal Sunday!

Denise at Forest Manor

Rettabug said...

Isn't it wonderful how bloggers inspire each other, Martha! Now you've gotten me thinking about some white hydrangea with my blue plates! So pretty!
Love the collections on the silver tray, too.

I was admiring your corner curio cabinet in the background. I would love to find something similar to use for storing all my 'tea' related items. I'm on the hunt!

Have a nice week ahead,

Pat said...

Lovely hydrangea, dear friend!!!
I'm swooning over your silver trayscape!!!

Lady of the Manor said...

Love, love, love hydrangeas!!! I'm also inspired by your silver tray! I think I have some things I can put together, too. Hope it looks as lovely as yours!

Delvalina said...

Your house full of darling vintage :)

and you have lovely blog posts here, that I am so much interested.

I am new follower of this blog.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Flowers are lovely and so is your home!! Thanks so much for stopping by!