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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Post Cards

We bring postcards home from every trip
Not "ordinary" postcards
but art
to hang on the walls of Linderhof

A tradition started long ago
on our first trip to England

Almost all are original
charcoal, oil, engravings and etchings
A few are hand-colored prints

We bought them originally because they were easy to bring home
Some were unframed and could be rolled up
While others, even with frame and glass, we "took a chance" on bringing them home as is
and if the glass broke, that could be replaced.
And . . . the most important detail
they are light weight!

All are dear to us
And because they hang in the upstairs bathroom
we see our "postcards" daily!

Four pictures along one wall

And three along another . . .

An oil that we bought in England of the English countryside

An 1870's charcoal of the Devon countryside

Bruege, Belgium
where our camera didn't capture any of our adventure there
So we rely on art
This bought long after we came home

The same trip
St. Ann's Gate
Salisbury Cathedral
It is probably our favorite cathedral town!

Cologne, Germany

Rottenburg, Germany

And a street scene
Bought at a small "used" shop there
because it reminded us of a village we'd just been to.

I love the daily visuals of seeing the places we've been.
Warm fuzzy memories all.

It's Friday and I'm sharing my postcards for "Oh, The Places I've Been" with The Tablescaper


Pat said...

Love your "postcards" to keep the memories of your trips abroad alive!
We have so~o~o many "postcards" and photos of past trips packed away in a trunk that need to have something clever done with them!!!
I may have to make that a priority for 2014!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Pondside said...

We do the very same thing, Martha. I like to find an old print, if possible, or something from a street artist. When I look at our Japanese wood cut I can remember the day, the smell of the quay, the lovely little interchange with the artist's wife, and it all comes together as the best sort of souvenir should encourage.