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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dressing Room

I've always wanted
A Butler's Pantry
A Back Staircase
A Fireplace in the Master Bedroom

Linderhof has the latter
A fireplace in the Master Bedroom
But the master bedroom also came with
a large closet
with a regular size window

And not one door but French doors.
Much too nice to be shut away
This little room

Plus it has a wall of built ins
Cupboards above
and 9 drawers below
six huge drawers
and three smaller ones

Ten years or so ago I painted the cabinets black
And did decorative painting on the doors

The walls I painted dark green
It was definitely a green phase at Linderhof
a dark green phase

It's not a large room
There is enough room for my dressing table and chair
To the right is rods where I hang my clothes
And then tees and jeans and such
are in the drawers

The cabinets hold photo albums
for the cupboards are very deep
And they hold a lot!

The light fixture is a 1920's fixture
from ebay
much prettier than the ulitarian fixture that was there!

But after 10 years or so I got tired of the green
I got tired of the black
I felt as if the walls were closing in!

And besides, rooms need to be refreshed after 10 years.
Things get a little "tired"!

So last week I painted

Out with the black and decorative painting
In with a soft white
BM White Dove

They look, perhaps, as they did when they were first built

The walls were lightened as well
BM Old Country
A light beigey color with a touch of pink
But not enough pink that the room seems pink

The pictures to the left of the dressing table
are of Canterbury
The first one is of the cathedral itself
The second two are of the Cathedral Gate
that leads into the Cathedral close

Next to the Gate is a hotel
That's been there for centuries
The Cathedral Gate Hotel
Not the whole hotel
But enough
For one of those front windows
in that old hotel
was the room I spent three days in
When a friend and I traveled to England and Canterbury
years ago.

The pictures make me smile
For they are a reminder of another great trip to England
with a very dear friend
And three magical days that we spent in Canterbury

I like the lighter look of the dressing room
in relationship to the Master Bedroom

The whole room seems lighter now that the dark green 
is but a memory.

The Dressing Room is one of my favorite spaces
at Linderhof
A space that I never "wanted"
But rather a space that I "inherited"

And I'm glad that Linderhof came with the amazing dressing room!

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Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Oh how lovely - and so fresh and bright and nice.

Well done, you must be so happy!

Pat said...

Both decors of your dressing room are splendid, however, I agree, the updates with the white is exquisite!!! Love that soft touch of pink hue within your new color palette!
In my previous visits to Linderhof, prior to your ownership, this area was always shut~off by heavy curtains across the doors! I adore that you've opened the space and "dress it" so~o~o elegantly!!!
Linderhof is a true "gem" and I adore all the changes you've made bringing it to its proper place on the Prairie!!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh what a fabulous space, I love the pretty white and I would love a "Dressing Room". What a bonus. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Deb said...

What a gorgeous space. Deb

Chez Laurel said...

Such a wonderful transformation! Your "new" dressing room is glowing with light now. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your thoughts and experiences. I was born in Kansas but only recently have returned for brief visits...hope to come back soon for a longer stay. You make it come alive to me.

Sheila in Seattle

Canadian Chickadee said...

Your new paint job looks fantastic! What a delightful little room. I can envision using the dressing table to write graceful little thank you notes to your friends ... what a perfect space. xoxox

lala said...

Absolutely lovely! It always amazes me to see how paint can totally change the look and feel of a room. Enjoy your light and serene fabulous space.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I just love how old homes have 'cubbies.' Open space is great but it's nice to have some surprises.