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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Tale of Windows

 I've been washing Linderhof's windows
Not an easy chore
For there are storm windows
and the inside of the inside windows
And the outside of the inside windows
(which are almost impossible to get to part of them from the inside --
but alas, some are on the second floor and I don't do ladders!)
But those windows -- the inside ones are old glass
Almost 100 year old glass.
And I treasure that!

When we were in England one of the things I adored about our
cottages that we rented were the curtains at the windows
Nice curtains and clean windows.

In 2010, the master bedroom at Linderhof

Had these rose print curtains
I like curtains but I felt that there was perhaps too much pattern

So I decided

That I needed blinds
And it was a much cleaner look
But a colder one
And besides, I loved the British look of curtains at the windows

beige linen curtains are plain enough that they don't "overwhelm" as the rose print ones did
But yet give that nice "curtain" feel to the windows

As if they are "finished"
Curtains are the jewelry of a window

And yes, I did remove the blinds!
I have window and curtain and the curtains close if I want them to!

Next to the bedroom is what I call my "dressing room"
It's a more important name than the room really deserves
for it isn't really big enough to be a "dressing room"
and in reality it is a closet.
A closet with a full size window
But a closet nonetheless.

My quandary --

The window with the blinds pulled up
This is the only 1946 blind remaining

And with the blind down.

But do I need a set of curtains for this window also?
Or because there is a door that separates it from the bedroom
And it is a "functional" space, does it need a curtain?

I'd appreciate your opinion
To see whether or not I need to order another curtain.

It is Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Pondside said...

I'd want a curtain on the window, but I might just have one panel, hung all the way across, and then tied to left at about two-thirds of the way up. It would be a great chance to find and use a wonderful tassel.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a curtain. It would be so pretty in that tiny room.

Bernideen said...

Over the years I have had drapes, curtains and currently I am at the simple open window look with blinds. I will leave this up to others!

Unknown said...

Hi ,

I will go with curtains..!!

Unknown said...

Definitely curtains that can be tied back or resting on 'hold backs' so that you can easily open or close them! Love the post.
Michelle /

annabanana said...

I would take down the wooden blind. I would order two panel curtains (but length only to the window sill) to match the master bedroom drapes (color), Although the dressing room is informal, as you say, it is ensuite to the master bedroom, even with the French doors, so it should be treated as one area. Otherwise, in my opinion, the dressing room area will look a bit of an afterthought. You have such a comfortable-looking home. I'm a bit of an Anglohile myself, and although my Living Room and Dining are a large area, I used the same chintz in both rooms on the windows and sofas, to great effect. lovely home.

Anonymous said...

You need light in a dressing room, maybe simple drapes as you have in you bedroom hung wider than the window itself and pulled back to give light and still give softness