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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Ghosts and the Goblins and the Witches . . .

It's always fun to be given a Challenge
And it is fun being part of the Mystery Ingredient Club

And what a fun ingredient, it was!

To turn these . . .

My favorite and easy cupcakes

Into these!

But wait, there's more . . . 

Let no cupcake go undecorated!

For there is pumpkin witches
for the orange sprinkled ones and . . .

 For the green and orange and black sprinkled ones!

And . . .

More pumpkin witches for these --
my favorite
Electric green icing
and green and black sprinkles
Notice how the pumpkin's green eyes "pop"?

And what Halloween cupcake is complete without

A ghost
And bones?

See them --

Four little cupcakes all in a row
Ready to be devoured by ghosts and witches and goblins to be!

Four little cupcakes all in a row
Ready to be sent to grandgirl Lucy
(who at 3 months will not appreciate them as much as her Mom and Dad)
(Will her Mom remember the fun cupcakes of her childhood, I wonder?)

And the rest of the orange sprinkles?

Will go on shortbread pumpkin cutouts
Perfect for October and November
afternoon tea!

It's Friday --

It's Foodie Friday!

And I'm so happy to be participating in the Mystery Ingredient Club -- thank you Michael -- what a fun challenge and what a fun ingredient!!!

Please join me and the other Mystery Ingredient Club Members and the other cooks and bakers at Rattlebridge Farm this Friday -- for it's Foodie Friday!    


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What yummy cupcakes you've shared for the MIC, Martha. The shortbread would be scrumptious with a cup of tea, too.

The Charm of Home said...

Martha your cupcakes are wonderful looking! I would especially love those shortbread cookies with tea.

Sarah said...

Can't miss with yummy cupcakes. The cookies look perfect for afternoon tea. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn said...

Your cupcakes turned out cute and I'll bet they go fast:@)

Cathy said...

Your cupcakes are so festive, Martha. Seeing how everyone has used their Creepy Sprinkles is so much fun. My grandchildren would make quick work of your cute little cakes.

Denise said...

These are really cute for Halloween, Martha! Love those "creepy" sprinkles. :-D

Have a great weekend!

Denise at Forest Manor

Pondside said...

Lucy's parents will love them, I'm sure!

Lavender Cottage said...

Your treats created with the sprinkles are yummy looking. I like the neon green cupcakes, perfect Halloween fare.

Deb said...

They are so cute, Martha. And the shortbread...yum. And that gorgeous blue and white plate...even more yum. Deb

lindaraxa said...

The bone ones are the best! I too can't wait for the grandchildren to get older so they can appreciate all this stuff.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

You can never go wrong with spinkles on cupcakes! I would love a shortbread cookie!