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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reprise - A Paperwhite Luncheon

I was getting nostalgic
And found my 
Tablescape Thursday

How excited I was to be participating!
And how nervous I was to be taking this giant step in blogging!

So I wanted to share it with you again!

Things have changed at Linderhof
since the spring of 2009

All of the furniture in the breakfast room is different
But something that is constant
The blue and white china
And paperwhites!

Every month a three friends come to Linderhof for lunch. We've finally settled on the first Tuesday of the month. We've been doing it for ten years and I thoroughly enjoy the luncheons. These ladies are "foodies" and food is the topic. I get to try new recipes and I've yet to send out for pizza.

I called this a paperwhite luncheon as paperwhites were the centerpiece and my four bird "vases" each held a spray of paperwhites.

The plates are some of my Spode blue room and I used my white overlay tablecloth and white napkins as well.

The cutlery is stainless -- English hotel is the pattern -- they don't match which suits me fine!

The glasses are actually parfait glasses that we got at a restaurant/bar show in Las Vegas. They truly have been workhorses.

At each place is a menu -- a souvenier as well as knowing what the next course will be!

The silver napkin rings are part of my extended collection of Victorian and Edwardian napkin rings. ALL have either names or initials and are used daily.Gathering four birds took four years -- the first came from Nell Hill's in Atchison. The second bought a couple of years later came from a garden shop. Both were what I considered pricey! The last two were bought on my birthday in a gift shop in a little town about an hour north. They were on sale for half price! Finally, I had my four!

It was a taste of spring in a rather cold Febreuary day. A simple tabletop but a welcoming one.

This is my first Tabletop Thursday and I was eager to share. It's sponsored by Susan at Between Naps on a Porch

I'm sharing this post with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch


lindaraxa said...

You and I started blogging at the same time. My pictures, however, were tiny. Had no idea we could make them bigger or how. Funny. Now they are extra large. If nothing else, we have learned a lot Martha.

I love paperwhites but they make me sneeze. I was thinking of trying them again this year. I'm already allergic to the cat so what is one more thing to sneeze about.

Southerncook said...

As always, a beautiful table.


Pat said...

I adore your bird vases!!!
Your blue & white Spode is gorgeous!!!
Of all the Antique Shops I peruse, I've never come across silver napkin rings!!! I love how they compliment your napkins. . .so~o~o elegant!!!
Thanks for sharing with us your first tablescape! This one is GREAT, they just keep getting BETTER as the years go by!

Bookie said...

Oh, I have found you again, Martha! I don't know what happened but your posts stopped a few months ago. I tried to find you but nothing...feared the worst! We were in Ft. Scott cooking store last Saturday and I asked if that was where you taught and told them my fears. They said look again, you had moved. So hello again and so glad to find you!!!!