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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Mix of Tartans

Our Christmas China
Royal Doulton's Tartan
I've always adored plaids

And this year's Christmas lunch for 
the Lunch Bunch
was a riot of tartans!

A lace tablecloth, the tartans and a blue bowl with a red poinsettia
which picked up the red in the plaids.

The poinsettia at the end of the table 
which I often do
when the centerpiece is too tall and there are only four guests.

All of the plaids have red hues

And in the center of the table
gifts wrapped in plaid
And give miniature loaves of pain d'epice tied with a plaid ribbon

The sun was shining on luncheon day
creating interesting shadows 

On the menu

creamy tomato soup with pesto
the red and green of the season

veal piccata, rice and roasted Brussels sprouts

And a chocolate cake for dessert
decorated with sugared cranberries and rosemary

And to keep us occupied while opening presents

A crystal compote filled with fudge
chocolate and pistachio and white chocolate fudge

Cut in wee pieces
We did have dessert, after all!

It's Thursday and I'm sharing my "Plaid Luncheon" with Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish and Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Tablescape Thursday


The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is such a wonderful tablescape. I adore your blue and white bowl with the red poinsettia, your goblets, the lace cloth, the plaid presents, and the whole ambiance. .

And that chocolate? Oh my! I think I would make off with the whole thing!



allisamazing said...

I absolutely love the plaid! Such a beautiful table :)

Bernideen said...

There is nothing more classic than red plaid! Looks lovely!

All The Pretty Dishes said...

I so love those dishes and the food looks wonderful too

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What a fun set of dishes and yummy eats and treats! You do it up right for sure!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours!!

Unknown said...

I love your tartans! Your plaid presents add so much, too. Beautiful!
Christmas blessings,
Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

Alycia Nichols said...

PERFECT way to show off those tartans...on a lace tablecloth!!! The juxtaposition is great!!! Very clever move!!!

As always you prepared a meal fit for a king! I know your guests are always super excited when they receive the invitation to come to your house!!!

I saw the Fort Scott magazine on the sidebar. Ramon & I haven't been down that way in nearly a year now. His Locum Tenens gig at the clinic down there expired. I have so many fond memories of that area, though.

I wish you and yours the very merriest Christmas! Take care!

Southerncook said...

Love, Love, Love that tablecloth, exquisite. I have always been a plaid person too and this year all my wrapped gifts under the tree are wrapped in brown paper with plaid ribbon. I love the way it looks. Your table setting is absolutely gorgeous.


Canadian Chickadee said...

Yum! It looks and sounds beautiful. You're lucky you're too far away for me to drop in to have dinner with you!! :) xoxox

Pondside said...

That crystal dish of fudge - that definitely had my name on it!
Beautiful, Martha. Your lunch table was, as always, a treat for the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Love those plaid plates...

Pat said...

I adore all the plaid combined with the Tartan dinnerware, dear friend!!!
I, too, sugared raspberries and Rosemary, in the shapre of Holly & Ivy, from our Garden for a Cheesecake for our JOY Circle ladies on Tuesday!!!
Great minds. . .kindred spirits. . .