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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Grandma's Apron

Growing up I had only one "Grandma"
My mother's mother
She worked "outside the home" only briefly during the depression
as a Seamstress 
to put food on the table for her three fatherless children

Her job was to do the household chores
the cleaning and the cooking and the washing up after.

Because she was a seamstress she made all of the nightgowns for herself and
her unmarried daughter, my maiden aunt
(everyone needs a maiden aunt!)

She made quilts
(some of which are in my cedar chest)
and she made aprons

Because while she was at home she always wore an apron!
It was part of her at home dress.
When she went out to run errands or to church, the apron came off
because she put on a "good dress"

This Christmas, my great niece gifted me with one of grandma's aprons

It hangs proudly next to my own apron
on the door to the larder!
Everytime I look at it, I'll think of her
A true old fashioned cook
who made everything from scratch

And today, I did as she would have done . .  .

With a bunch of overripe bananas

I made banana bread
From her simple recipe --
bananas, flour, sugar, eggs, leavening, bananas and nuts
which makes two loaves
(There is no economy in making only one!)

I like making smaller loaves, too
For they're just perfect for tea for me
(And they make good gifts for a single friend)
(But grandma wouldn't -- she didn't own any of those mini pans!)

After her daily nap, she often sat at the kitchen table
with a cup of tea and a treat
(which sometimes was this same banana bread)

This afternoon, I sat in the breakfast room
(for we have no kitchen table)
with a cup of tea and a treat

My beloved blue and white is once again in daily use
My "everyday/kitchen" pot
And a centerpiece of a Christmas poinsettia
(grandma always had one every year, too)

And three slices of banana bread
A nice nosh
As we hunker down once again
for more snow
and bitter cold
is on it's way!


Rebecca said...

I made some applesauce bread using an untried recipe from the internet. I thought it "looked" good. I should have put the optional raisins in it and I think it needed a pinch of salt. Oh well.

I was NOT as good as the banana bread recipe I use (interestingly one from Kansas) - and the picture of yours made me wish for a piece.

Stay warm. Stay safe. (And I ♥ your grandmother's apron, by the way.)

Dianne said...

What a lovely memento of your Grandmother. My Grandmother used to wear an apron all the time too so your post brought back some memories for me too. Stay warm. Dianne

bj said...

O, how wonderful to have your grandma's apron. Both my grandmas died before I was born and I have nothing from either of them. You are very blessed.
NOW, what I DO have is Banana Nut Bread and I am just about to toast a couple of pieces with butter....and think of you. :))
xo bj

podso said...

How nice to be gifted with your grandmother's apron especially since you appreciate aprons. I would love to have one of my grandmother's as it covered most of her dress…that is, housedress as you said. She always wore one and yes, changed it to go out. Happy New Year!

Pat said...

Your niece has gifted you with a precious momento of your Grandmother. I lovedhearing of your Grandmother's work and her dress. I still wear an apron when I cook in the kitchen. Think my Tradition is more from my Home Economics Class training. However, both my MoMa and my Mother~in~law wore aprons!!!
Cute post, delicious looking bread and a gorgeous tablescape!!!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Great Memories! We have some of my grandmother's aprons too, and my daughter Alice incorporated part of one into a wall hanging for my son when he went off to college.....