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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Make It Shine

It's January
And as we decorate the house for Christmas in December
We clean the house in January

First the
(Closets, Cabinets and Drawers)
and once those are all neat and tidy

we do the
(Walls, windows and woodwork)

Moving all
(well almost all -- there are a couple of pieces that I cannot move)
and cleaning behind them
Sweeping walls and ceilings
and wiping down woodwork

smells of polish and soap

But there is still more to clean
The silver . . .

First the napkin rings
The ones that I've been collecting "forever"
The collection started by Husband Jim
who bought a box with three napkin rings in it at a
garage sale, here in town

A few are gifts but most are remembrances of trips past
(They make a great souvenir -- small, easy to pack and not easily broken)
They either have names or initials on them
That is a "must"!

Sometimes I do the boiling water/soda/alumnium pan polishing
But that doesn't last all that long --
they tarnish way too fast

The best way, is the old fashioned way

Haggerty's polish and soft cloths
They look so pretty when they're all bright and shining1

And they look pretty back in place on top of the Chinese cabinet in the dining room

The old server

has a lot of silver on it's bottom shelf

That looks so much nicer when it is bright and shining!

And the tea set on the sideboard
(It's used the most and usually needs less of a polish)

And the dining room looks so nice
with the CCD clean and neat,
the WWW washed
And the silver polished!

It's January
And it's done!

It's Sunday and I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Shiny indeed! I like your approach. CCD then WWW. That's how I do it, but one complete room at a time and throughout the year. I just can't do the whole house in one swoop. Too many other commitments and things we want to do. Plus, we both work full time. But, it all gets done at least once a year. Enjoy the shiny silver.

Pat said...

You're ONE up on me, dear friend!!! I didn't get to the "silver polishing" today here on my side of the Prairie!!! It is on my "To Do" List for Monday, though as there is no Tai Chi Class that day!
Have a wonderful weekend and an amazing Worship!!!

Rebecca said...

How GREAT that must feel! I ♥ the look of all your freshly polished silver....

Pondside said...

I've started on the cupboards and closets - what a lot of junk I collect over a year!

Sarah said...

I'm at work on the CCD around here, but it is slow going. You are way ahead of me. I have a collection of silver French napkin rings, each brought back from trips to France. They are the perfect souvenir!
Your are an inspiration……….


I just cleaned my silver for a tea party I had and I use the same buffer as you! You must be so excited enjoyinh ALL your shiny silver, my friend.

Savannah Granny said...

Martha, your napkin rings look so pretty on top of the cupboard. You are way ahead of me but I am making progress. It is funny, after the Christmas decor is put away we want to clean away.
I know you are glad to get it all finished.
fondly, Ginger

Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a great collection of silver. And it is looks stunning. Yes, nothing works better than the old fashion way. I have been doing the same around the house. Love January...

Linda said...

I'm impressed, since my knee replacements it is difficult to get down on my knees like I did before and many times you can't reach all those little places just bending over. I am also working my way through the house.

Martha said...

Oh, Linda, I do understand. Mine have been replaced as well . . . and it is almost comical to see me get up and down!