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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Out With the Blinds. . . .In With the Curtains

Almost four years ago
we took down our curtains
and put up blinds

And I liked the light the blinds provided
But I didn't like the bareness
of the windows.

Curtains, I feel, are to a room
as jewelry is to an outfit
It just finishes it!

And so 2014 started out with the living room
looking like this

the fireplace wall

the front wall

the hall

Plus, once I had the blinds
I found out that I was not a very good blind cleaner.
I like clean blinds,
I'm just not really good at keeping them that way!

Curtains, I feel, are much easier to keep.

And so I ordered,
they came
And the living room now looks like this!

the fireplace wall

the front wall

Both walls

the hall

I do like neutral window treatments
Curtains that go with everything and anything
With the colors of brown, dark green and beige
in the living room,
I felt that beige/gold curtains would work the best.

I longed for velvet ones
They seem so rich
And so I ordered a pair for the hall.
They are nice.   Luxurious even.
And they look nice in the hall
(which really is separated from the living room)
But I felt something lighter was needed there
(in the living room)

And so I chose a beige linen
Simple rods.   Nothing too fancy.
For although curtains are the "jewelry", the "finishing touch" of a room
They should not overshadow the furnishings.

It seems homier, I think, with that bit of fabric running down each side of the window.
And when it's cold and snowy outside
(which it has been a lot this January)
We can draw the curtains against the winter outside!

Open, they let in almost as much light as the blinds!

I do like this change
I will take better care of the curtains than I ever did the blinds.
And having clean curtains makes me happy!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday


Bernideen said...

It looks very lovely!

Pat said...

Great choices in your new curtains @ Linderhof, dear friend!!! I am, totally, swooning over the velvet ones in the Hall!!!
I feel that flowing curtains 'soften' all the hard edges in a room and give a rooms view more presence!
You have chosen well for many years of pleasure!

Scribbler said...

I agree that curtains make a house homier than blinds. Your new ones are lovely.


Your Linderhof house looks beautiful! Yes, curtains make a house very warm. I don't have them anymore, I changed them to Hunter Douglas material shades 2 years ago and I'm loving them anyway. Thanks for your sweet visit. I always make your blueberry and Apple cake! Thanks.