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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Say It Nicely

For the British always do!

Having spent a Spring in England,
we were "amused" by how polite
signs were.

It was never a "warning" 
but rather

our favorite

And as Husband Jim always said,
while you were "minding your head"
you tripped on the uneven floor!

For Christmas, a dear friend gifted us with
An "English" sign

For who else would have
"Be Aware"!

Unlike the signs Americans hang on gates


It's not a scary sign
But one that lets you know that a
Corgi lives here!

On one of the warmer days after Christmas
we hung it on the back garden gate

To let all you enter know 

That a Corgi lives here.
Dolly, it seems, does approve of the sign!

And the most famous of all British signs

First published in 1939 at the start of World War II
and revived, it seems, in the 2000s

And besides the original where one "carries on"
it spun a whole group of "Keep Calms"
A Keep Calm for Everything!

Including Corgis!

But, of course, that would be appropriate
Queen Elizabeth, you see, has one or two or ten!

We, however, have


Who enjoys her sign on the gate
and thinks, perhaps, that I should have a
"Corgi On" Sweater!

Dolly and I are joining Eileen  for Saturday's Critters.


Canadian Chickadee said...

Love the "Corgi on" sign! Dolly is such a sweet little doggy. Reminds of my daughter's late little Holly. (The current Corgi at her house is a very bouncy Cardogan named Cad.)

Have a very happy new year, and all the best for 2014. xoxo

Bernideen said...

Love that sign - very cute Martha! Doggie's even cuter!

cj said...

my corgi, Zoe, approves of this post and thinks Dolly should get more treats and belly rubs.