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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Dressing Table . . . Downton Abbey and Linderhof

I adore Downton Abbey
It's a period I'm quite fond of
That period between the wars
When there were still English country houses
And house parties

Not only the story line but I enjoy
the peek into the rooms
of "Downton"

How the sets are decorated

And I love the bedroom scenes
(not the steamy sexy ones)
But rather, the ones that take place
at the dressing table!

And a lot of scenes do
For they're either getting ready for bed
Or getting ready for the day
Or getting ready for dinner

And what better time to talk to your Lady's Maid
Than when you're at the dressing table!

Lady Mary has one

With a bit of lace, a mirror, scent bottles and lotion jars
And a picture in a silver frame

And so does Lady Edith

With lamps and candles
And a mirror, of course

So that you can comb your hair, put on your "face"
And ask questions . . . of yourself!

At Linderhof
I've had a dressing table "forever"
It's in what is really a closet off the master bedroom
Separated from the bedroom by French doors
And it has a window, a full size window

And so, early on, I chose to make this space
my "dressing room"
With table and chair

It's where I sit last thing at night to comb my hair
(but, alas, not 100 strokes)
And first thing in the morning when I "put on my face"!

An English sofa table serves as the dressing table
A cherval shaving mirror sits on top
(It's not an antique but rather a Bombay purchase -- 
with Christmas money one year.    The one on top of Husband Jim's dresser is an antique)

A small silver tray holds jars of lavender and lotions
The brushes were gifts from Husband Jim
The one on the left was a wedding present.

And (like Lady Mary) a silver dresser set
to brush my hair
(but alas, not those 100 strokes!)

The piece of "lace" came from Italy this fall
The small Asian box was bought by husband Jim over 40 years ago

Two lamps with crystals
And the perfume bottles

Every dressing table needs perfume bottles!

And on the right -- two Bibles
A very old one that belonged to my German uncle and was given to me by my cousin the day of his funeral, because he knew I would want something to remember Uncle Laurence by.    And I did! And the bigger one was given to my mother when she was baptized.

It's a peaceful place,
this dressing table of mine
And although I don't have an Anna to take care of my clothes
and wait on me.
I do feel special whenever I sit at my dressing table

Alas, I am still trying to figure out how, as a married lady, I can have breakfast in bed!


Sarah said...

Perhaps that thoughtful husband will read this post and surprise you with breakfast in bed on morning.
Pretty dressing table filled with special treasures. Your jars and brushes are lovely.

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Love all of your jars and brushes, etc. I always wanted a dressing table and about 3 years ago finally found one at a consignment store in Overland Park. Don't have all the pretty accessories yet, but that will give the kids and hubby gift ideas for years to come! Love Downton Abby too!

Bernideen said...

Just beautiful....I feel like I should whisper because these pictures evoke that feeling!

Pondside said...

How beautiful, Martha. I love your dressing table. My mother has always had one, complete with a silver dresser set - for as long as I can remember.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Martha! You have such a gift at creating and assembling beautiful vignettes. Just as beautiful as the sight of them are their stories! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Pat said...

I adore your dressing table, dear friend!!! It is exquisite!!!
A perfect place for your dressing table . . .through the French doors"! Thank you for telling us the story of how you aquired the accessories in your vignette.
Made me think of one of Mary's lines from a few seasons back when she questioned her fiance about furniture and art for their "to be" home. His reply was "What everyone does, buy it." She countered with, "I suppose your type does, my type aquires it." Then her courtly smile!!!
I adore that in your story. . .you aquired it!!!