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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Rabbit and The Fox

It's winter
Nights are long

To keep hands occupied
I do needlework
I'm not a knitter nor a crocheter
I do needlepoint

And thankfully, my friends are probably grateful
that I'm a slow needlepointed
So I don't have excess projects to find homes for
Nor is the house overflowing with needlepoint!

After dinner and dishes
with the fire in the fireplace
I like to needlepoint

I finished my last canvas on our trip home from Italy
it's at Mary's where she's making it into a cushion

My next project?

This William Morris Hare
Which came all the way from England

I'm always excited about starting a project

And it keeps hands from being idle during the long dark nights of January and February

It's a match to the canvas I bought on our trip to England

I thinkThe  Rabbit will be a good foil for The Fox!

And as snow hits the windowpane and the fire blazes in the fireplace, 
I shall stitch away!

It's Sunday and I'm joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays


Beth said...

They're going to be quite a beautiful pair, Martha. You are such a talented lady. Enjoy the cold winter nights as much as possible, Martha.

Sarah said...

Martha, needlepoint is still my favorite kind of stitching. I, too, love to spend leisure time snuggled in by a fire while I stitch on a project. Your William Morris pieces are gorgeous. Enjoy!

Bernideen said...

Very beautiful and rich loooking!

Pondside said...

I think they are a perfect pair. Like you, I find nothing nicer, on a winter evening, than to sit by the fire and stitch. I will even stitch in front of the TV. My next project is two needlepoint Christmas stockings for the twins.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The rabbit and the fox sounds like an English pub name but I can see where they'll be two lovely cushions for your sitting area.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Those are pretty. They will look great together in your home.

Deanna said...

Beautiful projects!
Shall like to see the finished beauty.
This Winter is long. Ready for the flowers to pop through the ground!

Southerncook said...

Oh Martha, the Fox is gorgeous and the Hare, wow, what a project but will be so worth it.

We used to have numerous needlework shops near by but all of them have closed. I have even researched to find out where the closest shop would be and have had no success. Would you share the website that you ordered yours from. I have bought many things from a shop in Palm Beach but can't seem to get on their website anymore. It is so frustrating.

I have a project at the moment that I am working on but will soon be completed with it and need to find another source.


Canadian Chickadee said...

Love the fox! What a great design. I've been trying to finish all the uncompleted needlepoint things I've started over the years. One which is definitely in need of completion is a pillow top in the shape of the Union Jack which I was going to finish for my maid of honor's birthday -- in 1970!! Well, a few things, like Life, children, Little League, and home remodeling intervened. But maybe one of these days I'll surprise her with it! xoxox

Michelle said...

Both are beautiful. I need to teach my 12 y/o Cecilia to do needlework. My grandmother taught me and I would love to pass it on. I'll bet you will teach your little Lucy one day!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Love those! All those little stitches would keep fingers busy for a very long time.