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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do You Fondue?

We do
But not as often as we should.
It is the perfect meal for a snowy and cold winter's day
It originated, after all, in the Alps
Where it always seems to be snowy and cold!

It was a meal of leftover cheese and stale bread with a soupçon of wine
to make the cheese smoother!

Peasant Food!

In honor of the Olympics
(although they are not in the Alps)
and on an evening when they were going to broadcast 
some Alpine events,
we "fondued"!

Cozy in the breakfast room
With a fire in the stove
Hot cheese fondue

And a platter of bread cubes, potato chunks and cauliflower

The fondue pot -- an Emile Henry one.    Earthenware, it goes from stove to table.
Not an "I've had forever" although I think I started marriage with one --
a fondue pot.   
It was just done -- toaster, waffle iron, fondue pot -- for wedding gifts.

Early in our married years,
everyone fondued.
In fact, we had fondue parties!!!

We thought we were so sophisticated having fondue!
(and drinking cheap jug wine)
And like everyone else, we had one of those colored metal fondue pots

Which, I'm sure, I sold at a garage sale when no one fondued anymore!
(and it was taking up valuable cabinet space)

Full of fondue,
we retired to the parlor
to watch some Alpine events

And because it was icy on the mountain

We had vanilla ice cream
with a homemade salted caramel sauce
(not made by me but made by a friend who gifted it to me for my birthday)
and some toasted pecans.

We adore watching the Winter Olympics
and will be sorry when they've had the closing ceremonies.

It's an every four years treat -- the Winter Olympics!


GardenOfDaisies said...

What a perfect way to watch some of the alpine events! I LOVE fondue, but haven't made any in a while. I have to tell you that Fondue is what I made for my then boyfriend (now husband) on our second date. :-)

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Oh what a fun post! I miss fondue parties as well...a lot of fun they are! Beautiful set up and I am loving those Liberty Blue plates....thanks for sharing a lovely post with us:) Hugs, Poppy

Main Line Sportsman said...

Yes the Winter games are a treat and a thrill. I too will be sad when they end. My wife and I took our kids to Salt Lake in 2002 and it remains a highlight of our lives.
Fondue…what bad can anyone say about a dish with melted cheese as the star!

Tricia said...

We love to fondue, but don't do it very often. We received a turquoise blue fondue pot very similar to the photo you posted as a wedding gift and used it for years, but now we have an electric one. Our New Year's Eve tradition is to fondue by the fire!

Pondside said...

Our Christmas Eve family tradition is fondue as we decorate the tree, and we love to do a meat fondue as well, in a combination of beef broth and sherry. Another favourite meal, brought from our time in Switzerland, is Raclette - yummy....and a great way to entertain at the table.

Pat said...

Oddly. . .we never did Fondue.
I don't know why, except that perhaps, we didn't receive one as a Wedding Gift.
Love the choices you had for your Fondue Pot!
EnJOY your events, dear friend, as I fear the "end" is in sight!