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Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Happy Birthday
Mr. President

The Father of Our Country,
George Washington

We always had lessons about President Washington in grade school
(as well as having the day off -- the real day, not a made up day)

And of course, every year we learned about George and the cherry tree
The lesson being that it isn't good to lie!

Mother always celebrated as well
Because of George and the cherry tree

We always had a cherry pie for dessert
(and growing up, real desserts were for Sundays
weekdays were fruit, pudding or jello)

I've taken the tradition of celebrating
President Washington's Birthday 
a step further

By making a
Washington's Pie
for tea

Of course, it's a pie that's really a cake
(like in Boston Cream Pie)
and it is a cousin to England's Victoria Sponge
(but George came first
but then the Brits wouldn't name a cake after Washington!)

And if we have a cake for tea
we must have company

Two little girls and their mother
will be invited for tea

The table's all set
The silver is shining
And blooming hyacinths make a pretty and fragrant centerpiece.

Spode's Camilla tea plates, cups and saucers
And a freshly ironed tea napkin

And the "pie"

Washington's Pie
four layers of cake
filled with raspberry jam spiked with Kirshwasser
And a pretty sprinkle of powdered sugar on top

The table's all ready 
for company
where we'll have a birthday celebration
for George Washington!

But . . . no candles!!!!

I've never liked it when they moved Washington's Birthday to a Monday
and then changed it's name!

And I refused to celebrate
"the third Monday of February"
as President's Day!

It's February 22
And it's Washington's Birthday!


Bernideen said...

How lovely with everything in its appointed place. I'm sure it smelled lovely and such a delicious historic cake!

Sarah said...

I say this all the time……..your tea time treats are the best. ;-)
Happy Birthday, George!

Pat said...

Love the linen cloth, the blue & white china...and the cake!!!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Martha,
Thanks so much for your recent visit to my dollhouse post. Love this post of yours, how pretty is your table. Beautiful table linen piece. I like the George photo and that postcard. Last year I made a cherry pie for GW's birthday but didn't do it this year.
Thanks for showing us your lovely tea, lucky guests!

The Norwegian said...

This is a wonderful way to celebrate George Washington. I remember having the day off when young and in school.
My birthday is the day after George's so I felt happy that he and I celebrated our special day a day apart.