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Monday, February 3, 2014

Italian Dinner Party -- The Food

Friday Night's Dinner Party
was Italian.

Jim and I spent a month last year in Italy
From Tuscany to Venice to Rome
To Positano and Sorrento

And we ate
And I made notes
And I even attended a cooking school!

What we learned most about eating in Italy
is that they really like to eat seasonally.
And I tried to follow that meal when I chose the courses for the party.

It was a donation party
And our guests paid a nice sum for the party
So it needed to be nice --

We started with lemoncellotinis in the parlor
(My homemade lemoncello) 

And with the tunis

I served bruschetta -- with roasted cherry and plum tomatoes and basil and garlic
and a finishing of a sea salt

It's one of my favorite foods


A fennel, orange and olive salad


A winter squash soup from Gina Stipo


A pasta with lemon and cream and Parmesan


A pork loin stuffed with ground pork and fennel and garlic, a cooked red onion (which was cooked under the pork), a creamy cheesy polenta with rosemary and roasted broccoli rabe.

There was dessert!
But I didn't get a picture of it!!!
It was berries served with a cannoli cream
and sprinkled with crushed amaretti cookies.
Served with the late harvest sevyal.

After we had espresso and walnut liqueur 
(which we hand carried home from Italy!)

It was a fun night!
We ate, we drank and we laughed!

There is nothing better than gathering friends around a table
and sharing food and friendship.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Wow! What a delicious meal...I imagine you used your Spode Italian dishes....It takes a lot of planning and effort to produce such a meal, and serve it and be the hostess...Of course, you had help from your dear husband! It all sounds (and looks) wonderful!

Pondside said...

Was it a Silent Auction win? If so, people must line up and vie for such a wonderful meal. I imagined I could smell the fennel and garlic!

Martha said...

No, it was a live auction -- there was much "spirited" bidding!

Martha said...

Kristi - yes, DH and I have a plan -- he does the glasses and selects the wine and I do the food and cooking and we discuss and tweak until we have it just right.

Then the night of, I cook and he clears and brings the next course in -- except for the last two -- ours and I bring those in. He's seated by that time.

It works well.

And after . . . he brings everything in the kitchen and I load dishwasher, wash and "stage" (for if it goes in the dishwasher I won't hand wash -- I'll wait for it to finish -- even if it is the next morning!)

Lou Archer said...
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Lou Archer said...

Cor blimey! Delish food, you have lucky friends. X

Unknown said...

The food looks yummie! I am so happy I checked it out. Now I want recipes, Please!
Blessings My Fellow Italian,

GardenOfDaisies said...

Yum yum yum!!